January 2017

Hello -

If you're a long time follower of my website, you've probably wondered where I've been because I haven't made a blog entry on my website since August 2016, and if you're new to my website, you're probably wondering what blog I'm talking about because there isn't one on the site. I hope to answer all the questions with this post.

Obviously, I've been around. 😎 I've had books released and my content on my website was kept up to date, and I still used my Facebook author page to keep readers informed of new releases. But, I had removed all of my blog entries from the site after coming to the conclusion that despite ten years worth of keeping readers notified of what I was doing and letting them get to know me, I can't control how anonymous people on the internet judge, assume, start rumors for entertainment. This hurt the readers who enjoyed my books who were hearing/reading such... entertainment. Instead of seeing the good intentions of others hurt because they were upset for me, I concentrated on writing and promoting my books, and less about my non-writing life.

But every day, I get emails from readers who miss my blog. So, I'm going to tiptoe back into letting everyone know what is happening once a month, or twice a month, instead of reading it on a stale front page of the website. That way readers can get a more personal reminder of what book is next, any dates they need to know about, and if I'm still tapping the keyboard.

Note: My past entries will be kept in my writer's vault.

To catch you up, Rather Be Wrong, the 3rd book in the Ronacks Motorcycle Club series released on January 3rd. All the books are standalones. Readers can jump in with whatever book interest you. My hope is your interest is piqued and you go back for another book. If you're new to my website, all the links you need to find the buy links can be found on individual pages. The Ronacks MC series books are HERE.

This month is filled with bringing attention to Rather Be Wrong and dealing with winter. Currently, we have a lot of snow. Like, over my head snow, and I love it. I'm outside every day, riding, walking, playing, until I'm exhausted. Writing happens in the early morning hours and after dinner during the winter, so I can have my active outdoor schedule.

Writing...oh, I am rockin' the writing! I'm currently 4 books ahead of my release schedule. It would do no good to tell you what is in my current manuscript, because you won't see it until the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018, and all I'd be doing is making you guys scratch your head. Instead, I'll tell you the next book that will release is Mel and Raelyn's story from Ronacks MC. It will be the last book of the series. It'll be releasing early (soon!), because I'm scheduled to release a new series early spring. That's good news, right?

Until next month,


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  1. You're back! I missed all the updates and hearing about your life. I understand why, but I'm so excited because I'm not on facebook. You're my favorite author!! You said soon for Mel and Raelyn's books. I hope soon is tomorrow. I love the Ronacks MC!!!!