March 23, 2017

Spring has sprung and time is cruising. There's 12 more days until my single title novel releases.

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When I made the announcement for The Higher You Fly, I received a lot of questions from readers. I've tried to answer some of them here for you.

It's really not a motorcycle club book?
DK: Really, it's not.

Is Torque in the book?

DK: No. I'm sure he's dead by now. Shot in the chest for the 15th time, or something. (come on, you gotta laugh) No, Torque is in Pitnam with the other bunch of Bantorus members. This book takes place in Federal. Please don't send me hate emails. I was joking about his death!

What Bantorus characters are in The Higher You Fly?
DK: I won't name them all, but Kurt, Remmy, Ink, Sawyer. Yes, Sawyer.

What Moroad members are in the book?

DK: Cam, Merk and Desiree, which means they're not in prison. Those are off the top of my head. It's been awhile since I wrote the book.

Who are the hero and heroine?
DK: Caiden Hall and Jolene Shayne. New characters.

Does the book go back and forth from the past to the present?

DK: No. I don't think I have ever wrote a book like that. It takes place now...well, April 4th.

Is it a cliffhanger?
DK: No. It's a single title book. That means it will never be a series. Just one novel with a happily ever after.

Will we see some of the bikers from each MC?

DK: Yes

Will The Higher You Fly be like the Red Light: Silver Girls books where we see the bikers, but they aren't MC books?
DK: Hm, no, because those books centered around the bordello. THYF is a single title book in the world I created in Federal which luckily involves bikers. The best way I can explain it is if Bantorus and Moroad had a baby who decided not to join an MC, the baby's name would be The Higher You Fly. Dedicated readers will feel at home in the setting, and new readers will read it never knowing that some of the characters have their own book already.

Caiden was in prison, so he's like a Moroad member?
DK: No. He's not a biker. He's also not a career criminal.

On the homefront, we're in full-blown spring melt. The snow in our yard is now level with my chest and not over my head. The roads and driveway are clear of snow. I've had on sneakers for the last three days. I was so tired of wearing boots, and realized that it'd been November since I was able to wear sneakers. I'm totally ignoring the two days coming up where there is a chance of snow. It will melt, because daytime temps are above freezing now.

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