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Debra Kayn has taken readers inside the bestselling Bantorus and Moroad Motorcycle Clubs and shown you their purpose. It's now time to view the clubs from the outside, through the all-consuming romance of Caiden Hall and Jolene Shayne…

Title: The Higher You Fly
Release Date: April 4th, 2017


There is only one woman for Caiden Hall. One woman who promised him a future.
That promise ended when he wound up in prison for murder after an illegal boxing event at Bantorus clubhouse. Upon his early release—thanks to the president of Ronacks Motorcycle Club, Caiden arrived back in Federal, Idaho, expecting Jolene to be waiting for him, and found he had nothing left of his former life.

Jolene Shayne walks into the gas station after moving back to Federal and comes face to face with the one man who changed her life twenty years ago. She recognizes Caiden instantly.

Unprepared to find Caiden living in Federal, she struggles to understand the anger and hatred directed at her.

Until she realizes she's living the life that she and Caiden had planned together…alone.

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