May 1, 2017

It's a good time for a catch-up post!

I'm excited for May. It'll start off with excitement and end in a BANG when Hard Proof, the first book of the Notus Motorcycle Club series releases on the 30th. I believe readers will love the new MC, the new feel, the new location, the new purpose. It'll be a great summer of reading with 5 books in the series. Readers will be able to read the ones that catch their attention or read out of order and fall in love with their favorite Notus members.

Check out these adorable wooden book flash drives. Aren't they cute? Chelsea at sent them to me to use as swag. I can't wait to hand them out to readers. They'll love them!

With the snow gone and the rain (sometimes) giving us a break, I've shed the snowsuit and boots for Chucks and hoodies. May is all about getting back in biking shape, so in June I can ride a 34 mile trip. I really only have to work toward 17 miles, cause the trip back home is mostly downhill...gotta love coasting. 

May also signals the start of the festivals that take place in our hometown. Life gets busier, days get longer, bonfires get bigger, exciting things happen, and between living life, I keep on writing. 

Time for one of my favorite songs...

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