May 12, 2017 of life's little jokes.

Anyone who lives with pine trees or fir trees (fir needles qualify) around their house will know exactly what I'm talking about today.

They're everywhere! I battle the sharp little needles from May through October. The only reason I don't in the other months is that there's snow. This week, we've been cleaning our entertainment area, scrubbing the bbq/cooking area, and getting everything ready for spending more time outside. As I sweep the needles into two-foot piles, I watch needles fall down around me as if laughing. There is never a time when there are no needles in my life. Ever.

While I'm cleaning outside, I also decide to wash all the rugs outside and inside the 3 doors of the house...and my kitchen rugs. I don't put them in the dryer because it ruins the rubber backing, so I hang those. Meanwhile, with no rugs down by the doors, the needles come in on everyone's shoes, and it does not take long for all those needles to spread to the corners and walls of the house as if they're finding places to hide. Our house was built in 1907. I'm sure there are needles somewhere in the house that are 110 years old. At this point, I'm sure the historical society would like to put the needles on display. They're free to do long as they put them in a museum and get them out of my house.

Even the inside of the vehicles gets showered with needles. There's nothing like picking them out of the carpet, one by one, because a vacuum doesn't suck them up. Car mats only push them deeper into the carpet.

Needles are in my hair. In my sneakers. In my underwear. No, I have no idea how that happens. I'm not sure I want to know. I'm just stating facts, and I know those ones aren't 110 years old. I hope.

Anyway, yesterday before dinner I look around and nod with satisfaction at the work that got done. Everything looks spiffy and 90% free of needles, and I'm calling it a success. I'm feeling pretty good about all our hard work we completed outside.

That good feeling lasted until about 9 pm. A storm rolled through with hail, rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. You guessed it. This morning, the needles are back with a vengeance. All I can do is laugh. Good game, needles. You win.

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