July 5, 2017

I miss the trend of everyone coming to my website to get information. Now, everyone goes to Facebook as if it's an extension of everyday living and I'm as close as the phone in their hands. It's time I acknowledge the changing times, and that means I have a couple changes to announce regarding what will happen with my next book release.

I normally share the cover and release day of my next book 1 month before release. Then, two weeks before release I post the usual teasers and promo pictures trying to get the news out to everyone.

I'm not going to do that with the next release.

Why? Because all I'm doing is making white noise in an already noisy Facebook community where every author has a street team, reader group, arc group, how to kickass group, drama of the day group, my pony is prettier than your mule and I deserve a free book group.

I have no desire to be white noise. I also have no desire to run a group or have a street team. I think spending time on 1 public FB page with me is enough for readers, and I'm a writer…not a social media addict or expert.

Sooooo, this is where the changes are going to happen. I'm going to release a book in July. One day, you'll check into Facebook (and read my website), and you'll see a post by me that says something along the lines of, "Hey, Glen's book is available. It's awesome. You should buy it." The promo company will have a blitz for me. THEN, for the next couple of weeks after the book is released, I'm going to do my normal promotions, teasers, and pictures when promo really matters, and when people say "that looks good" and "I can't wait", guess what? You don't have to wait. The book will be available.

Man, in theory, it sounds much easier for readers and me. Instant gratification…that's the sign of the times.

We'll see. I can always go back to making white noise with the next release if it doesn't work.

Now that everyone has been updated on what to expect, let me fill you in on what's been happening behind the scenes.

If it pertains to the Notus MC series, readers don't have to worry. All books are completed and ready for their preset release dates. I continue to write every day on future-future books during the busy summer months. And, summer is a busy time.

In Idaho, summer means soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible outside because we know in the fall/winter we're not getting any sunshine boost from our outside activities. It means long days playing, visiting with friends, new adventures, and spending hours/days maintaining the entertainment area outside to enjoy. It means watching the sunset at the top of the mountain, spending time at the alpine lake, long rides, wildlife, and sharing moments with loved ones.

Grab those moments, readers!

Celebrating the 4th...

Relaxing with the migrating butterflies...

Feeding the prairie dogs...

Enjoying the outdoors and bear grass in Idaho Debaho...

Chillin' in the shade atop the garage deck...

Coolin' at the alpine lake...

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