August 1, 2017

For those who've read the first two books in the Notus Motorcycle Club series, you've probably read the Acknowledgement in the books. For those who haven't read the books yet, I'll copy/paste the info. At the end, I have something to make sure you at least scroll down. :)

While Notus Motorcycle Club is a work of fiction, their purpose to find missing persons is a real-life problem.
— Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the U.S.
— In 2016, an astonishing 830,000 people were reported missing.
It's easy to go through life unaware. We walk by the missing persons' flyers tacked on the wall at Walmart because those faces are always there. We read Amber Alerts when our phones buzz and then go play with our kids. An elderly person wanders off and we finish cooking dinner. Why? Because we rely on the police, search and rescue, and groups (like the fictional Notus Motorcycle Club) to find those who are missing. It's easy to say "be more involved" or "keep your eyes open". It's another thing to be someone who actively searches.
There are 4 different reasons why people go missing.
DECIDED — For reasons of their own, people decide to run away from the life they were living. It could be escaping personal problems, relationships, violence, and even mental health problems
DRIFTED — Over time, people lose touch with family and friends
UNINTENTIONAL ABSENCE — Alzheimer’s disease, mental health problems, accidents, and miscommunication
FORCED — being a victim of crime such as homicide or abduction

Okay, now we're all on the same page. In HARD PROOF, I covered "forced". In HARD ESCAPE, I covered 'decided'. In the next book to release, which is Thad's story, I cover "drifted". The following book will be Chuck's story, where I'll cover "unintentional absence". Remember, all these books are suspense. Oh, and also remember that I cover the different reasons on cases that run in the background as well...runaways, Alzheimer wanderers, mental health, drug addiction, homicides, abductions.

But, wait.

That's 4 books. 4 reasons.

For those of you with great memories, you might remember that I said there were 5 books in the series.

I'm sure if you're a reader of the series, you can guess who gets the last book.

He's such a small part of the first 4 books. In fact, he's just a "name". But, his lack of presence is huge. His 20+ year absence has damaged those who call him brother. Will his character be big enough, shocking enough, important enough to fill the emptiness within the 5 life-long friends/brothers or will he destroy the purpose of Notus MC? Hm?

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