August 19, 2017

Thad's book will release in September. Like last release, I'm just going to announce the release and concentrate on promo when the book is available to all. 99% of readers loved it that way and there was no wait for those who wanted to read the book. Instant access!

This is what I will tell you about Thad's book. Since I'm covering the 4 reasons behind why someone goes "missing" in the series, Thad's book will cover the drifted—over time, people lose touch with family and friends. This gives all the books in the series a different feel for the reader because of the circumstances.

Because Thad's sister, Thalia, and the tragic end to her life was the purpose behind Notus MC, readers will find out why Thad is Thad. But, prepare yourself…the heroine's personal story is a double whammy of emotions for readers. Who is she? She's a 911 dispatcher. Her name is Joni.

Now I've prepared you. The next big day will be release day. Exciting times!

Now, I notice the less I talk about a book, the more readers worry I'm not writing. Never fear, I could go on a year-long vacation and still continue to release books. In fact, I just finished the book that will be the last one released for 2018. That's the reason why you don't see me pop onto Facebook or Twitter and say, "I'm writing Thad's story. Gotta hurry and meet deadline." Plus, if I talked about what I'm writing now, nobody would remember in a year.

Time is flying! We're already in mid-August and it's a busy time for everyone. People are getting kids ready for school. Some kids are already going. Labor Day is coming up. Some of us are cramming in the last bit of summer. Just remember, when things start to calm down, you're going to have a new DK book to read.

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