September 19, 2017

Some of my favorite parts out of the first 3 Notus MC series novels...


Several minutes later, Gracie whispered, "Night, sis. Love you."
"Night. Love you, too."
Without missing a beat, both women said, "Night, Wayne. Sleep tight."
He grunted. Clara lifted her head. He could feel her looking at him in the dark. He patted her ass, and she settled. Then, he murmured, "Night."
His life had changed when he'd met Clara. It wasn't the first time he'd had two women in his bed. But this time, he only wanted one of them. He'd do whatever he needed to do to make sure Clara remained in his life, and that included protecting her sister, too.


"Pretty sick, right?" She cut a meatball in half, not letting her mom answer. "Except, I'm feeling what that girl felt and it doesn't feel sick or wrong."

"Ingrid, baby, you don't have Stockholm Syndrome," whispered her mom.
"I think I do." She placed her hands on the table and sprawled her fingers. "It really shows that somewhere in our psyche, beyond our intelligence to decipher facts and know the difference between right and wrong, love becomes uncontrollable. Like, people who do drugs haven't lost their ability to want to quit, they simply can't."


"You know what I think?" He gritted his teeth because he had a whole lot more to say about her mom's mothering skills. "It's a lot easier for a parent to say they're disappointed in their child than it is for an adult to say they were disappointed in their parent."
He swallowed and stared out at the road. Rain sprinkles splattered the windshield like the beating of his heart. He finally understood what Lena wanted out of her life.
She wanted to be loved.
Yeah, she'd explained her feelings in a matter of fact way with no emotions attached, but he'd finally seen the broken child inside of her desperately wanting to gain his approval. And, she believed she'd figured out a way to experience love by giving him everything she imagined a man would want.
It made him gut sick.
©Debra Kayn

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