September 26, 2017

Never fear...this post has no spoilers for the Notus Motorcycle Club series. Readers can learn about Rich going into the books or read about him as part of the stories. It's not TOP SECRET because readers only know the info I've given them. For those who haven't read any of the books, let me catch you up...
There were 5 boys who became friends at 6 years old. Life, loyalty, and circumstances had those same 5 boys riding as Notus MC once they reached adulthood. 
Twenty-two years ago, Rich rode away from the club, the neighborhood, his family, after the girl he loved was kidnapped and murdered. That girl was Thad's sister.
Not a day has gone by that Notus Motorcycle Club hasn't searched for their missing brother.
Readers of Notus MC series - Where is Rich? Do you have an idea? Do you find yourself caring about the missing MC brother or do you find yourself ticked that he left? Do you think he'll return on his own or do you think Notus will find him and drag his ass back to the club?

Tell me how you feel. Go ahead and guess what happened to him, because only I know the TRUTH. For now.

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