December 5, 2017

Behind every book, there is a goal to entertain readers. In my case, because I write romance, the real purpose of why I created the story is often camouflaged behind a love story.

Because of the importance of my purpose in my latest series, I've shared the information in the acknowledgment section of each Notus Motorcycle Club series book. You can read it below in the picture. It's heavy in facts and one that we, as a society, have numbed ourselves about.

Now, don't get me wrong. It's okay to read romance books for the journey the characters take to finding love and getting a happily ever after. Everyone does. I do, too. It's why we love romance books, right?

The response I've received from readers who have reached out and shared their personal stories with me after reading the Notus MC series is one that leaves me, at times, speechless and heartbroken. I've touched on this in the dedication in Hard Mistake, which I've posted below. While the majority of us can view a missing person case or a murder from afar, disconnected from it being our reality, there are family members and spouses that are living a nightmare. They have someone they love who is missing or are struggling to find the reason for why a loved one has been murdered.

This holiday season while we're busy with our lives, shopping, and running around doing errands, I ask that if you see a news story of a missing person in your local area, take a good, long look at the picture and be a little more aware of the people around you as you're out and about. It only takes one person to find a missing loved one.

Thank you

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