January 6, 2018

This is the last teaser until Monday when Hard Reality releases. I'll leave you with this...

Where has Rich been for 25 years?

25 years. Think about that.

Rich went missing when he was 20 years old. He's now 46. Will Notus members recognize him? Will Rich recognize them?

As you know from reading Wayne, Thad, Glen, and Chuck's books, the purpose of Notus Motorcycle Club, of their brotherhood, runs deep. Blood deep.

How will the Notus members handle the emotional impact of their brother returning? How will the women deal with the changes in their men? How will Mr. & Mrs. B react to their deceased daughter's biker boyfriend showing up in St. John's? How will Rich react to Thalia's namesake...baby Avi?

And while you're wondering about the characters you've already got to know in books 1 thru 4, there's Rich.

Nobody knows him. Nobody knows his reasons. Nobody knows...

But, you'll know. In 2 days.

Speaking of nobody knows. Nobody knows what Gracie went through while kidnapped. You saw her abduction through her twin sister's eyes and through Wayne's eyes when she was saved by Notus in Hard Proof. You've seen her as a secondary character throughout the series. But, you don't know what happened to her during her hours spent with Roy Jenkins, the serial killer who killed her mother AND killed Thalia Bowers (Rich's girlfriend, Thad's sister, Mr. & Mrs. B's daughter)

You don't know.

But, you will know soon.

January 8th

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