February 21, 2018

Releases March 1st


He caught sight of something on her palm and grabbed her wrist, bending her arm. Amongst the words Columbia, Lewis, Puyallup, and Nisqually Rivers, he read his name.
Chief, written in blue ink.
He rubbed his thumb over her palm and watched her fingers curl. "Last I knew, there was no river named Chief," he whispered.
She laughed softly, and her eyes lightened. His chest warmed. Along with her looks, her personality had changed. Her giggles more a seductive breathy caress that got his attention. Her blush highlighted her cheeks, drawing attention to her full bottom lip that was more times than not clamped between her teeth.
"Why did you write my name on your hand?" He let go of her.
She shrugged and propped her chin on her hand. "I write your name on everything."
"Like what?"
"My folders, my backpack, and stuff." A little line creased the area between her brows. "If I ever end up away from Tacoma, other people will know who I belong to and help me get back to you."
Not Karla or Brikken or an address, only his name. He swallowed hard. Her fear of waking up somewhere else, away from everyone she knew, caused anxiety for her. He'd known that since he'd removed her from the apartment years ago.
"If I ever lost you, I'd find you, bug. There's nowhere that you could go that I wouldn't get you back." He lowered his upper body to the grass and looked up at the tree above him. "You're mine, and I keep what's mine."

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