October 10, 2018

Book News

Everyone is asking when my next book is coming out and what it is about. I keep telling people that soon I'll give out all the details...and that's true. 

When those details come out to the public, the book will then release a few days afterward at all retailers. No long wait! A short few days between cover reveal and actual book release works best for me and stops a lot of the frustration that comes with publishing in the current atmosphere for everyone who enjoys my books.

In the meanwhile...

I hope everyone is enjoying fall. Here in the Bitterroot Mountains of North Idaho, we've finished preparing for winter, which comes early. It's already dipping below freezing at night, snow is covering the peaks of the mountains, and soon all the pretty colors dotting the hillsides will be covered in the white stuff. I am enjoying this time of year, being outdoors and catching all the beauty surrounding me. Here are a few pictures of the past couple of weeks.

(Click to enlarge)

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