January 7, 2019

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Quint Mathews lives each day looking for an opportunity to bury his past. But after a harsh winter, a personal loss, and his enemies breathing down his back in the Bitterroot Mountains, he only wants to get through the upcoming camping season alive.

Then, she walks into Bitterroot Campground barefooted and wearing men's clothes. It isn't how sexy she looks that irritates him. The woman has no business pulling a travel trailer or thinking she can survive on her own.

Life is full of regrets for Katelynn Pierce, but none are bigger for her than meeting a man over the internet in the hope of falling in love and getting stuck in the Bitterroot Mountains far away from home. One stupid decision leaves her broke and desperate. The only choice she has is to accept help from an older man who resembles a stereotypical mountain man, heavy on listening and light on talking.

Thrust into a web of nightmares bigger than her own, her troubles have only begun.

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