February 12, 2019

It's LIVE!

Grab the final novel of the Escape to the Bitterroot Mountains series today!

The end is near. Mark can feel it.

When a woman walks into Discover the Bitterroot to rent an ATV and asks for directions to Bear Peak, Mark DeLane knows she's there to kill him.

Carly Jones has spent eight years waiting for the perfect time to travel to the Bitterroot Mountains and confirm the existence of the men she's only read about. Despite her plan not to interrupt any of their lives, she's drawn to Mark and uses her attraction to him as an excuse to get to know him better. But when she finds him living in an underground bunker, tapped out with security so he can close his eyes each night, his lonely existence breaks her heart.

As Carly makes her rounds staying at Anders' Lair and the Bitterroot Campground, Mark is positive she works for his enemy, Michael Jaster—the man responsible for kidnapping him at fifteen years old, forcing him to participate in dogfights, and trying to kill him ever since he and the others escaped.

Mark has everything, but peace.
A peace only Carly can bring him.

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