May 16, 2019

This is a snippet of Brage & Dinah. Yes, this is THAT Jeremy. Son of Cam. President of Moroad MC. He has a significant part in this novel. Stay on your toes and don't let down your guard because past characters from DK's motorcycle clubs will mysteriously weave into the Slag Motorcycle Club series. 
A little gift from me to you!

Jeremy's gaze went to Dinah. "Do you remember me?"

Her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. She swallowed. Flashes of faces from her past flickered through her mind. She remembered the salt and peppered long-haired man riding over to the house when she lived with Brad and Tony.

Sometimes, she would see him parked outside the Sterling Building on her way home from school. There were rumors that he ran prostitutes inside the building and she had no doubt it was true.

Her gaze lowered to his vest. The outline of a pistol in his pocket apparent to her, she hoped Brage knew Jeremy was armed.

"Yes. I remember you." Her voice barely audible over the pounding of her heart.

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