June 17, 2019

Release date: July 9th 

With a past full of sadness, Elling Halvorsen holds onto his Norwegian heritage with a fierceness nobody can steal.

At any sign of a threat toward Slag Motorcycle Club, Elling is the first to protect the club. He never expected his job tailing the Federal agent to lead him straight to the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. The tattoo on her body, marking her as belonging to Brikken Motorcycle Club, warns him to stay away but fails to stop his attraction. As he falls hard for Jacqueline, he's afraid his past will repeat, and he'll lose another person he loves.

Jackie Stanton is the daughter of Slag's enemy.

From the moment she steps out of the hotel and helps the sexy biker with his motorcycle problem, Jackie's confident she can handle the situation. Chief's lessons over the years have prepared her for every possible outcome if confronted by another club.

But nothing can protect her from heartbreak.

Not her father. Not Rollo's blood in her veins. Not her older brothers.

Motorcycle club's fighting.
Family loyalty.

For Elling and Jackie, it's a war of forbidden love.

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