June 28, 2019

I love the 4th of July - family, fireworks, food, fun. This year I'm adding another F word...

Why? Well, from now until July 8th, CHIEF, the first book of the Brikken Motorcycle Club Saga series, is on sale for $.99

Guys, a sale on my books is a rare thing. Extremely rare! If you haven't bought the book that everyone obsessed over, it's time to grab it. The sale is happening at every retailer worldwide.

Now, for those readers who started reading DK books with my latest series (Slag Motorcycle Club), I'll give you a little heads up. After you read Elling & Jackie when it releases July 9th, you're going to want to run and read the Brikken MC Saga books because Chief is...well, he's Chief. Go ahead and grab the book while it's on sale because if you wait, you're going to have to pay full price. :)

Share the sale with your friends, so everyone hears!

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