Jun 27, 2016

I think readers need to be aware...

I'm pretty quiet about what my books are about before the releases. I share the blurb, teaser pictures, and then let readers come to their own conclusions. But, for the last couple of weeks, I've had the thought that I need to talk about Fall Gently a little more.
Disclaimer: As a reader, I hate warnings underneath the blurb of books on Amazon, so I don't use them on my books. I find them exaggerated and used more as a ploy to get readers to read an over the top story and convince you that it's filled with sex, drugs, cheating, rape, ect...all those keywords that help authors sell more books. 
In Blow Softly, Madison was a mute prostitute. Readers felt empathy for her disability and found her strong.

In Touch Slowly, Nova loved deeply grabbing the hearts of readers because she could be your friend, sister, neighbor and you understood her decision to enter the sex trade.

And now what I want you to be aware of with the final release in the Red Light: Silver Girls series...

In Fall Gently, Roni at first does not come across as strong or endearing. She's not like your friends or neighbors. In fact, I hope you never have to meet a woman like Roni in real life. She's not scarred from childhood, she's wrecked by life. The topic covered in the story is not an easy one to read. It'll hurt. It'll upset you. It's almost too real and that will bother some readers and appeal to others. There's a lot of ugliness throughout the whole novel and at the same time, beauty.

So, there you go.

14 more days until Fall Gently releases at all retailers!

Jun 21, 2016

Release date, blurb, and wow...I'm releasing Fall Gently really fast!

Fall Gently
Final book in the Red Light: Silver Girls series

Release Date: July 11th, 2016 at all retailers
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29079664-fall-gently


Abused by her stepfather, homeless, and kept by the leader of the Yesler Street Gang, Roni Glenn seeks sanctuary at Red Light, the illegal bordello, where she'll get paid for doing what other men always took for free. Her safety in Federal, Idaho only lasts three days when a customer arrives for his appointment, and she recognizes the Sparrows tattoo on his hand.

Dawson promises Roni no harm, but she's heard those lies before and refuses to listen. Until, he shares a news article that gives her hope of starting life over, free from the past and safe.

Dawson Carver spent four years in prison for running a chop shop only to come home and find Jacqueline, his sister, forced into working in the sex industry by the person he trusted to care for her in his absence. His plan to save Jacqueline comes too late, and she's murdered. He has nothing to live for, except the promise he made his sister the last time he spoke with her.

He must find Roni and help her escape the Yesler Street Gang. But keeping his word comes with a price, and he finds himself submerged in healing Roni and holding a secret that would destroy her.

*Standalone with a HEA*

Jun 18, 2016

Last day to get the complete Moroad MC series for FREE

Tell your friends, and share the heck out of it!

Ah, secrets...you gotta love 'em.

Since I can remember, my best ideas come late at night when I'm tired. Most people wake up sane and never see their ideas to completion. I do. I did. I've kept very quiet.

What I'm talking about this morning is insane, and I have a feeling nobody has seen my upcoming release schedule on my website, because not one word has been mentioned to me.

*whistles* It's okay. I'll just wait here until you go see what comes after Fall Gently. It's not what you think. It wasn't what I thought. But, it's real.

Jun 17, 2016

Week long wrap-up

The busier I am, the more writing I get done. This week rocked! I might've only had 1-2 hours to write a day, but my hands never came up from the keyboard during those sprints and my word count skyrocketed.

What kept me busy? Family, a birthday, an anniversary, a Gyro Festival, chores, stormy weather, and life.

My highlight: Playing in the snow on June 14th while the guys cut wood. That's #Idahome weather for you. The week before we had hit 90 degree weather.

Saturday, we'll watch the Gyro ball come down the river from Mullan to Wallace. Everyone buys tickets with a time on it to guess who comes the closest to how long the ball takes. The winner will get...SILVER! Yep, this is the Silver Valley, peeps. 

Here's a picture of me and the ball in the background from last year. Hm, maybe it was 2 years ago.