September 19, 2017

Some of my favorite parts out of the first 3 Notus MC series novels...


Several minutes later, Gracie whispered, "Night, sis. Love you."
"Night. Love you, too."
Without missing a beat, both women said, "Night, Wayne. Sleep tight."
He grunted. Clara lifted her head. He could feel her looking at him in the dark. He patted her ass, and she settled. Then, he murmured, "Night."
His life had changed when he'd met Clara. It wasn't the first time he'd had two women in his bed. But this time, he only wanted one of them. He'd do whatever he needed to do to make sure Clara remained in his life, and that included protecting her sister, too.


"Pretty sick, right?" She cut a meatball in half, not letting her mom answer. "Except, I'm feeling what that girl felt and it doesn't feel sick or wrong."

"Ingrid, baby, you don't have Stockholm Syndrome," whispered her mom.
"I think I do." She placed her hands on the table and sprawled her fingers. "It really shows that somewhere in our psyche, beyond our intelligence to decipher facts and know the difference between right and wrong, love becomes uncontrollable. Like, people who do drugs haven't lost their ability to want to quit, they simply can't."


"You know what I think?" He gritted his teeth because he had a whole lot more to say about her mom's mothering skills. "It's a lot easier for a parent to say they're disappointed in their child than it is for an adult to say they were disappointed in their parent."
He swallowed and stared out at the road. Rain sprinkles splattered the windshield like the beating of his heart. He finally understood what Lena wanted out of her life.
She wanted to be loved.
Yeah, she'd explained her feelings in a matter of fact way with no emotions attached, but he'd finally seen the broken child inside of her desperately wanting to gain his approval. And, she believed she'd figured out a way to experience love by giving him everything she imagined a man would want.
It made him gut sick.
©Debra Kayn

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September 14, 2017

New Release

It's available! As with all the novels in the Notus Motorcycle Club, Hard Drifter is a standalone. You do not want to miss Thad's story...

A sexy, gripping romantic suspense…

She has three rules: No marriage. No children. No promise.

He's going to love her.

Thad Bowers, Vice President of Notus Motorcycle Club, searches for missing persons when he's not punching the clock at Port Loaders. He goes out of his way to hold those he loves close since his sister was kidnapped and murdered twenty-four years ago, and he lost his MC brother in the aftermath. So, when the mysterious woman who has tempted him one too many times needs his help, he's not walking away. No matter how many rules she throws at him.

As a 911 dispatcher, Lena Hollis deals with emergencies from a safe distance. She enjoys a quiet, private life with the occasional non-committal date thrown in for excitement. But, her simple life grows complicated when Tigres, a local gang, puts a mark on her back and her recent date hauls her to his house for her protection. A home that includes parents, bikers, and a huge social circle. Everything she doesn't want in her life.

Lena brings new meaning to being the black sheep of the family. Thad's going to do everything within his power to show her what it feels like to give and receive love. To hell with the rules…

August 19, 2017

Thad's book will release in September. Like last release, I'm just going to announce the release and concentrate on promo when the book is available to all. 99% of readers loved it that way and there was no wait for those who wanted to read the book. Instant access!

This is what I will tell you about Thad's book. Since I'm covering the 4 reasons behind why someone goes "missing" in the series, Thad's book will cover the drifted—over time, people lose touch with family and friends. This gives all the books in the series a different feel for the reader because of the circumstances.

Because Thad's sister, Thalia, and the tragic end to her life was the purpose behind Notus MC, readers will find out why Thad is Thad. But, prepare yourself…the heroine's personal story is a double whammy of emotions for readers. Who is she? She's a 911 dispatcher. Her name is Joni.

Now I've prepared you. The next big day will be release day. Exciting times!

Now, I notice the less I talk about a book, the more readers worry I'm not writing. Never fear, I could go on a year-long vacation and still continue to release books. In fact, I just finished the book that will be the last one released for 2018. That's the reason why you don't see me pop onto Facebook or Twitter and say, "I'm writing Thad's story. Gotta hurry and meet deadline." Plus, if I talked about what I'm writing now, nobody would remember in a year.

Time is flying! We're already in mid-August and it's a busy time for everyone. People are getting kids ready for school. Some kids are already going. Labor Day is coming up. Some of us are cramming in the last bit of summer. Just remember, when things start to calm down, you're going to have a new DK book to read.

August 1, 2017

For those who've read the first two books in the Notus Motorcycle Club series, you've probably read the Acknowledgement in the books. For those who haven't read the books yet, I'll copy/paste the info. At the end, I have something to make sure you at least scroll down. :)

While Notus Motorcycle Club is a work of fiction, their purpose to find missing persons is a real-life problem.
— Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the U.S.
— In 2016, an astonishing 830,000 people were reported missing.
It's easy to go through life unaware. We walk by the missing persons' flyers tacked on the wall at Walmart because those faces are always there. We read Amber Alerts when our phones buzz and then go play with our kids. An elderly person wanders off and we finish cooking dinner. Why? Because we rely on the police, search and rescue, and groups (like the fictional Notus Motorcycle Club) to find those who are missing. It's easy to say "be more involved" or "keep your eyes open". It's another thing to be someone who actively searches.
There are 4 different reasons why people go missing.
DECIDED — For reasons of their own, people decide to run away from the life they were living. It could be escaping personal problems, relationships, violence, and even mental health problems
DRIFTED — Over time, people lose touch with family and friends
UNINTENTIONAL ABSENCE — Alzheimer’s disease, mental health problems, accidents, and miscommunication
FORCED — being a victim of crime such as homicide or abduction

Okay, now we're all on the same page. In HARD PROOF, I covered "forced". In HARD ESCAPE, I covered 'decided'. In the next book to release, which is Thad's story, I cover "drifted". The following book will be Chuck's story, where I'll cover "unintentional absence". Remember, all these books are suspense. Oh, and also remember that I cover the different reasons on cases that run in the background as well...runaways, Alzheimer wanderers, mental health, drug addiction, homicides, abductions.

But, wait.

That's 4 books. 4 reasons.

For those of you with great memories, you might remember that I said there were 5 books in the series.

I'm sure if you're a reader of the series, you can guess who gets the last book.

He's such a small part of the first 4 books. In fact, he's just a "name". But, his lack of presence is huge. His 20+ year absence has damaged those who call him brother. Will his character be big enough, shocking enough, important enough to fill the emptiness within the 5 life-long friends/brothers or will he destroy the purpose of Notus MC? Hm?