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Nov 28, 2015

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Nov 25, 2015

I'm rebelling again...

Let's talk...

The rage for romance authors is to slap sexy man pictures on their page showing what their characters look like. It seems like bikers, specifically, are portrayed with long hair, sometime buns - yes, buns, bushy beards that are surprisingly one color and perfectly formed. Flowery tattoos or at least tattoos with a lot of detail and pretty colors. Eyebrows are poetically perfect. Eyes are mysteriously lined with black eyeliner. Chests are shaved clean. Not to mention their hands...are perfectly clean and unstained.

(Let's pause to think about that for a second)

Here's the biggy. Are you ready for the point I'm trying to make? Do you want my opinion? Okay.

Those pictures that are slapped all over the internet and gracing book covers are (wait for it) male models. MODELS. That's what they do for a living. They look a specific way for women and the photographers highlight what they believe women like to perfection.

Those pictures are stereotypes, fantasies, and not the real Don Juan in my books. With all the talk about female models, photoshopping, body shaming real women, and feeding unrealistic expectations, nobody mentions how women are doing the same to men. (Yeah, feminists are going to come at me with their torches again)

Look around you at the men in your life. Sweet, huh? Every single one unique and awesome. They're the real models of life. They're the ones I want you to see when you read my books. My bikers are not male models looking like unrealistic tatted bikers.

P.S. Sorry, I'm going to have to be the rebel in the world of publishing again. I rather see a man with dry, rough weathered hands with black stains under his fingernails, that no matter how many bottles of Gojo he uses it isn't coming off, because he actually works in a garage or on his bike. That real man who has stained hands should be fantasized about, not a model posing in a studio using a scrunchie to hold his bun. Just my opinion, of course.

Nov 20, 2015

It's Friday! Anyone up for a head trip?

Clearing up gossip and speculations

For how much I love having the ability to connect with readers on social media, the online atmosphere also creates a breeding ground for gossip and speculation. In return, I feel the need to clear the air.

First up:

I've received some emails from readers asking me why I haven't had my street team go vote for me in the Best of 2015 lists that are being done by book bloggers and they're concerned that the time to vote is almost over and I'm missing out.

The truth is...

1) I wasn't notified that this was happening, until it was almost over, and I was told by readers.

2) I don't have a street team to vote for me and compete against those who do.

I am not stuck up or not participating for some weird reason, so those rumors can be laid to rest. I do appreciate whoever the people are that nominated me or my books though! 

Second up:

Someone decided to lump me in with other authors who no longer announce release dates or promises books to their readers, and stated that I just pop up one day and announce I have a book releasing.

The truth is...

The exact opposite. If you feel the need to read through a ton of posts, updates, and check my website to verify the truth, here are the links.

Since the day Falling For Crazy released, I had readers asking when Jeremy's book would release. I've told everyone who asked that it will be January 2016, and I'd have a specific date of the month soon for them. If you're a follower, liker, stalker, you will know that I promote a new release a month before it releases with promotional pictures, teasers, and fun to get everyone excited about the book. I also use a promotional company to handle reviews and organize a release blitz. These are things that can not be done willy-nilly the day of release.

If you follow me on social media, you've already heard that I've finished writing Moroad MC series months ago and I'm already writing the 3rd book of a new series. Yes, I'm that far ahead of my release schedule.

Now, I've clarified myself, but I'm not done talking. Do not lump me in with authors who write a book and release it immediately. Do not lump me in with authors who are scrambling to finish writing a book that readers are waiting for. That's not how I handle my career. If I talked about what I was writing right this second, my readers would have no idea what I was talking about, because they're still reading my last series. Get it?

Third up:

I'm going to revisit something I had to cover back in March, because I'm hearing talk again. I still stand by my opinion, so I'll post a link and if you'd like to read it, you can.

With all that said, I love my readers. I love hearing them talk about me. I love that they talk about my books. I love that they love my books. Without every single one of you talking and sharing, I wouldn't be a writer. That's how hugely important you all are to me. Don't ever stop talking! Every once in awhile if things get too crazy and veer off into rumors, I clear things up for everyone.

Now we're all back on the same page. :) 

Nov 17, 2015

Overshot the audience?

I'm hearing the term "overshot the audience" a lot lately when it comes to talking about the Moroad MC series. No, I'm not hearing it from readers (what reviews I have are awesome, so go read them!), but I'm hearing that term from professionals who believe they know the market. Why? Because I didn't dumb down the books. They are not fluff, they are not simple romances, they are not easy reads.

Somewhere in there, it almost sounds like they believe readers want simple romance books with familiar conflicts, huh?

Compare the Moroad MC series to the Top 100 books in all the major categories on Amazon and it's apparent that the subject matter comes into play. Redeemable men versus unredeemable men stands out and flashes at me. These are felons and they're not changing. They are not good guys or sweet conventional guys in love at the end of the book. In fact, you might find yourself seeing their side and understanding them. That's not my point in writing the books, really. I'm not converting anyone to the life of crime, to be a killer, to love a bad man. Yet, I believe you can hate what they do and walk away with understanding why they are who they are.

I personally believe that readers want something that is going to open their mind and take them on a journey of understanding, if not actually believing the characters deserve love in their life. Yeah, I'm a romantic.

The Moroad MC series is not an easy read. It's going to be uncomfortable. You're going to feel hatred and empathy. Those two emotions can make a reader squirm. I get that. I do. There is so much power play, psychological bullshit, and a maze of reasoning behind each character (both men and women), you might have to read the book twice to understand every little hidden thing to figure the characters out.

At the end, the books are going to stick with you. It'll bother you. You'll teeter totter back and forth over how you feel. You'll be glad you read them.

I've been told that the books should have discussion questions in the back, because they are prime examples of books that are in Oprah's book choices. I know in the Moroad MC Support Group readers have picked the characters and the plots apart trying to grasp the reasoning. They've flip-flopped on their idea of what drives the characters with each new book that releases, because they learn more about them. More secrets come to light.

Is this obsession not what every author wants to happen with their books? I certainly want that with my books.

So, why am I hearing that I overshot my audience? Because easier reading books are selling better? Because readers want to escape and smile over their romances? Do they want something that only sticks with them for the few hours they are reading?

I don't believe I need to dumb down the series and aim it at the majority of the readers. In fact, I won't. There's one more book to be released in January. Personally, I pushed myself to write this series and I have fallen in love with the process. I  like what I accomplished. I'm proud.

Whether people believe I overshot my audience or the books are too real or too deep with mind-blowing turns that readers shy away, I'm going to buck the system and say readers don't want dumb-downed romance novels. I think readers want books that make you think. As long as they do, I will write.