Apr 25, 2016

Are you ready for book 2?

Touch Slowly releases June 2nd, 2016

She'll never go back.

Street smart, creative, and ambitious, Nova Kinsley arrives at the illegal bordello in Federal, Idaho to work as a prostitute for the next three months. The timing and location couldn't be more perfect. She finally gets to reconnect with her only remaining relatives…her cousins. Her plan to keep her private life separated from her professional life crumbles when her cousins' neighbor refuses to take no for an answer, and she runs out of lies.

He's settled and ready.

Emmett Parker enjoys working at his auto parts store, coming home to his single-wide trailer, and the tight-knit community at Bitterroot Trailer Park. He has friends, pays his bills on time, and most weeks he has money left over for beer. Life couldn’t get better. Until a high-class woman hiding her down-home roots keeps showing up next door, and he finds himself wanting the upheaval that comes with her.

Apr 23, 2016

More changes...

I've always been upfront about any changes I make when it comes to my books.

Like here when I let readers know there would be no free arcs given out prior to release.

And, here, when I tell everyone I don't have a street team and I don't ask for 5-star reviews from fans who would love anything I write, even my grocery list.

When I decided to veer away from MC romance category for awhile, I gave my reasons here.

I even gave examples of how different authors promote and my reasons for how I promote here.

Here, I share how I protect my work.

I could give a hundred more posts of how I conduct myself and keep my readers informed, but I think you can get a good grasp of how I've been open to my readers, to reviewers, to publishers, to my agent, to everyone about changes. I don't like others to be surprised and everything is upfront in case anyone has any questions.

If you have questions now or when you finish reading, my email is debrakayn@debrakayn.com

That brings me to more changes I need to make. 

I need to make these more for peace of mind than anything. I'm a writer. I write.

Except, things behind the scenes have become so time consuming, I can't ignore them any longer. I'm spending more time "protecting" my books after release than actual promoting or writing lately. How can that be?

The last 3 books I've released have all had their reviews deleted on Amazon a day to a week after release. One minute the reviews are there. The next minute, they are gone. These reviews are from professional bloggers and from readers who have waited and waited for the book and stayed up at midnight to read it. You know what I found out? If 9 people "report" a review, Amazon's automatic bot removes the review from everyone's sight. In my case, it wasn't one or two reviews, but ALL reviews disappeared. BOOM. Gone. This requires me to email Amazon, share screenshots of my missing reviews, and hope they still can see them behind the scenes and reinstate the reviews. Luckily, I've had the reviews returned on 2 of the 3 books.

Of course, this leads me to finding out how this can happen. As you can imagine, I have authors I talk with behind the scenes and I have a whole network of people to go to when problems pop up. It was easy enough to find out that there are groups of indie authors who attack books they feel are in competition with theirs by having their group all report the reviews to make them disappear. Lovely, huh?

This last release with Blow Softly, I was informed from a blogger that Amazon wouldn't allow them to review my book. I decided to contact 3 more professional bloggers (3 is a good number to get the feel of what is going on) who had signed up to review my book to see if they too had a problem because I hadn't seen a review on Amazon, even though they promoted my book big time on release. I found out they too were not allowed to leave a review. Fast forward almost a month after my release and it appears this is now only happening to professional bloggers when they try to leave their review on MY book. Not other books. My books. I haven't contacted the other 20 or so bloggers to find out why they didn't post their review or if they know their review didn't post. 

All that time to organize a review signup, communicate with bloggers, hand out arcs, ect. was wasted time for me.

The trouble isn't over. Just when I think I have Amazon problems stopped, I'm hit at Goodreads with 1-star reviews. So, I emailed Goodreads and they cleaned up my book ratings. All is good, right? 

No, the next week, I'm hit with tons of 2 star ratings. You can see them on the graph at the top of the book's page. You can't see "who" 2-starred them. When readers are browsing for books on Goodreads, they click the graph to get a fast look-see at what people are thinking about the book. As of today, it still looks like the 2 star ratings are maxed out, like the majority of readers rated my book at 2 stars. I'm done trying to correct this.

Now, I admit that reviews and how Amazon and Goodreads works with reviewers is not my specialty. I don't leave reviews or use Goodreads as a reader. I'm only an author and truly believe I have no business in those areas. I can continue to waste time trying to keep my books from being attacked by disappearing reviews, low rating sweeps, and all the dirty play that is happening, but I don't want to.

I want to write. That's all I want to do. That's all I'm going to do.

So, when Touch Slowly releases, I'm not going to have an arc signup for professional reviewers. If those that have always reviewed my books want a copy, please contact me prior to release and ask for one. I'll give it to you for free, and if you feel like leaving a review…great. If not, I want you to enjoy the book.

Please understand. I don't have a street team. I don't ask regular readers for reviews. I don't hand out arcs to fans. I had only relied on professional, honest, book bloggers up to now. 

I'm also not going to worry about disappearing Amazon reviews. If they disappear, they're gone forever. I'm not going to spend days emailing back and forth with Amazon to correct everything. If my book gets hit with 1 and 2 star reviews on Goodreads, they'll remain there. I'm not going to email Goodreads to ask why it's happening or have fake ones from bogus accounts removed. Whoever or whatever is behind it all can have their fun all by themselves. I'll be writing, because once my book releases, all my attention is going to the next book, and the next book. 

This is not about giving up on promoting. It's about deciding what is important in life. I'm a believer that good always wins, no matter what. I don't do drama. It's as simple as that. So, I'm making these changes until it's time to make new changes.

To readers - Please rely on your past experience reading a DK book. If you enjoyed it, you'll probably enjoy reading any future books from me. To new readers, please follow me on one of the social networks you prefer. See what I share. Read what my readers say about my books, and if you like what you see, trust what is right in front of you.

To reviewers - I've relied on you for 10 years to help readers find my books. I hope to go back to relying on you, which is the way it is supposed to be. I'll apologize for the actions of others. Your time was also wasted. With my next release, if you'd like to read the book for fun, email me prior to release. I'll give you a free book. No review necessary.

To everyone - Life is fun. I truly believe writing is fun, too. In the grand scheme of things, a book is a couple of days worth of entertainment to readers. I'm dedicated to providing you a great book to entertain you.


P.S. You all know me. Songs pop into my head when I write. This blog post was no exception. Here, you go...

Apr 21, 2016

Free on Kindle Unlimited now!

Spread the news to your Kindle Unlimited subscriber friends! First day the book is available for FREE in KU and won't last forever.

Apr 18, 2016

Heads up and a babble!

If you're looking for me on Facebook, make sure you're on the official Debra Kayn Page. I have a blue verified checkmark. Look for that!


I also have a personal account that is "Debra Kayn Private".


Any other Debra Kayn page or variation of my name is NOT me, even if you see my picture or my book covers or recycled posts.

While I was scaling a catwalk above a river this weekend, I realized that being an author in today's world is so very different than it was 5 years ago and completely different than it was 10 years ago when I was first published. I was reminded to stay focused on what I do (write), not on what is being done to me (a waste of time), and who I do it for (readers). I'm steady, taking one step at a time, doing what I love in a very independent career.

Okay, now I have one of my favorite songs in my head.

Apr 16, 2016

You'll never get lost...

Now you'll never get lost if you read the Bantorus Motorcycle Club series, Moroad Motorcycle Club series, and Red Light: Silver Girls series. Enjoy!

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