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Feb 5, 2016

Red Light: Silver Girls - All the information you need about my new series

I broke the news about the first book of my new series at the end of Chasing Down Changes. I also wrote a blog post explaining why I was leaving the Motorcycle Club Romance category back in December. It should be no surprise to readers that you have to be prepared for where I'm going with the new series, Red Light: Silver Girls.

As an author, my main goal is to push myself. It's easy to put out the same book, the same level of writing, the same feels. As a reader, you've seen a huge jump between my early books, my contemporaries, Bantorus MC to Moroad MC. Call me crazy, but writing my last series I learned to push the lines of what is deemed "doable" in publishing. This time, I'm not pushing, I'm making my own category.

Let me give you a little background first. The Bantorus MC series and the Moroad MC series are based around Federal, Idaho. That's the fictional name for my real hometown of Wallace, Idaho, in the Silver Valley. Fact meets fiction in most of my books.

Back in 2013, I introduced you to the Silver Girls in Fighting To Ride. The heroine's mother was a madam/prostitute in prison for murdering two men. The heroine reopened Silver Girls as an adult entertainment business on the legal side. Later, the Moroad women would join the Bantorus girls as dancers. This linked the two groups of bikers. In Chasing Down Changes, a new owner bought the Sterling Building and continued offering the Silver Girls dancers while she opened Red Light upstairs and ran an illegal prostitution ring under the nose of the town.

Fact: Wallace, Idaho is very proud of the fact that there were working bordellos in town until 1988. At that time, there was only one remaining bordello open and the girls escaped one night when they heard about the Feds raiding. The scare over being raided and the AIDS epidemic brought the end to working bordellos in Wallace. Prior to that, everyone knew about prostitution, from children to wives to…well, everyone. It was normal. The streets were safer than ever because there was no rape and women were safe to walk the streets amongst horny miners and drunks (we have a lot of bars, too) in a town with more men than women. The local madam raised a lot of money for the schools, town, miners, and the less fortunate. She was respected. The sheriff personally did background checks on the prostitutes that worked in the bordellos and welcomed them to town (Yes, the sheriff). Another interesting of my neighbor men used to get dropped off by his mom and be babysat by the prostitutes when he was younger. He has such fond memories and remembers the ladies being sweet.

So, my fascination and respect for prostitution is probably not on the same level as those who are against prostitution or have no idea how real life is for us in Wallace, Idaho. But then again, I wrote the Moroad series and made you all believers that unredeemed felons deserved love, too. So, I'm excited to bring you books centered around what publishing deems as "unbelievable" and a very accepted practice in my town's not so distant past.

How are the books going to be different?

In my books, the prostitutes won't find a love interest and never again look at another man. To be that simple it would be called a "love story". That story arc is acceptable in romance. It's a story I'm sure has been done before and it reminds me of the movie Pretty Woman. I'm not going in that direction.

No, my series is going to show you the inside of the minds of women who sell sex. Much like I got into the heads of felons with the Moroad MC series. You might not approve, but you will understand. You will believe in their love.

Will there be cheating?

First trigger for a romance reader is cheating. I understand that. Do the prostitutes have sex with other men after finding their love interest in the new series? Yes. It's my job to show you the difference between sex and love. It's my job to have you believe in that love. You will walk away understanding something you never imagined advocating.

Are the books going to be erotica and meant to titillate the reader?

I write erotic books, not erotica. That's not changing. Will it titillate the reader? As much as Bantorus or Moroad books did, I imagine. The new series is about love. It has a deep plot of two people falling in love in each book. The journey is meant to bring readers into a different world than they're used to. It's not porn.

What kind of man can accept and fall in love with a prostitute?

I debated on announcing who the hero is in the first book (Madison's story), because I don't want readers to get the wrong impression. I decided to announce who the hero is here. Who is it? Bear from Moroad MC series falls in love with Madison. Remember, the books are centered around Red Light, not the bikers. This is not a motorcycle club romance.

What kind of readers will enjoy the Red Light: Silver Girls series?

Every reader who likes to think. These are not simple reads. Readers need to enjoy having their emotions played with, to changing their minds, and to opening themselves to their own hang-ups, insecurities, and desires.

Here are some links you might enjoy visiting...

This is what I call the Sterling Building where the Silver Girls dance and the Red Light ladies live in the upstairs. It can be found in the Bantorus MC series and the Moroad MC series. This is a great link that shows you the inside of the bordello. They've kept it the same since the girls left town. You'll probably find the info very familiar to my books in how the sheriff helps. Please, read the comments and see the memories men have of the working girls.

Former bordello kept in its original state where you can rent out rooms and experience what life was life for the working girls. If you ever want to stay in the rooms, please contact me. I know the owner and I'll help you get a great deal!

Feb 2, 2016

What's going on?

It's Tuesday, the 2nd of February. While a groundhog somewhere on the east coast played outside predicting spring was coming early, I'm here in Northern Idaho playing in the snow...where we can have snow on the ground until June and we can't even reach the snow-covered lake until the end of July.

As with all my pictures I share, you can click on them to make them bigger.

I'm now over a week into having Chasing Down Changes out into the world. Life is starting to get back to normal. On Friday, I'm going to make a blog post about the new series readers will enjoy this year. I want everyone prepared (warned, I guess) about the content of the books and how they fit into their own category. It's probably not how you imagine. 

One other thing, I see a lot of readers stating they can't wait until Silver Girls series releases. The series title is Red Light: Silver Girls. The first book is Madison's story. The focus is on the Red Light ladies, not the dancers, not the bikers. I have a lot of readers who missed my announcement on leaving the motorcycle club romance category and my reasons why. So, HERE is the post again.

I want to give a huge thank you to the BL Book Group and Reading For Life Club for inviting me to join them in their book chats. These 2 groups have read the Moroad MC series together, discussed, argued, and laughed as they discovered that felons deserve love, too. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you all and holding your hands as you wrapped your thoughts around the books.

Jan 31, 2016

What you see is what you get.

On social media, what I've shared is public knowledge. From day one, my publishers drilled into my head that I must give the public a piece of myself. Readers like connecting to their favorite authors. Most importantly, I must stay professional.

Professional means I don't post half naked pictures of myself or even wear low neckline shirts while I lick my husband's face. It means not cussing in a rant. It means sharing only what I'm comfortable sharing and staying safe. It means showing readers that authors are writers who take their career seriously. It means boundaries. It means respect.

Why am I telling you this? Because the month after a book release is when I receive the most emails from readers. Readers are curious. They also have a deep need to "believe" what authors share with their readers. I am more than happy to tell them that what you know about me is who I am. I encourage them to look at my Facebook page or even friend me on Facebook. But, every day, I hear about and see readers being taken advantage of by authors. This makes me sad.

Readers - Hold authors responsible for what they say, act, and do. Ask questions...lots of questions. Please know that not all authors are the same.

You can tell if an author is role playing or keeping their "real" self hidden behind a facade.

  • Does the author live, breathe, eat exactly like what they portray in their books?
  • Does an author share pictures of themselves?
  • Does the author have family members and real life friends communicating with them on Facebook?
  • Does the author have a life away from their books?
  • Does an author provide a PO Box for readers to contact?
Those are some questions you can look at when finding a new author to read.

Don't fall for a sob story (that's a dirty promotional gimmick). 

Look at how the author speaks to their readers when it's not release week. Does drama follow on release or the week after? (again, a promotional gimmick) 

Is there anything required of the reader to join a group or street team? (there should be no requirements, no signing of a contract, no sworn "pledge" to keep secrets or requirement to review)

Treat your relationship with a new author the way you would a new friend. You like the author, but trust must be built. That's sad to say, but something I think all readers have to be aware of in today's publishing world where many authors don't have a publishing house or agent to be held accountable to. 

If the words and actions of an author make you question the relationship, then ask questions until you're satisfied. A professional author will always answer readers questions. Most of all, stay safe, use your best judgement, and read lots of books. There are wonderful authors out there to find who would love more readers.

Jan 27, 2016

Dear readers...

Dear readers -

It's been a hectic week with the release of Chasing Down Changes releasing on Monday. I wanted to take this morning and thank you all for the support, not only with the last book of the Moroad MC series, but through all the books.

When everyone and their mother told me that nobody will believe that felons who continue to murder, go back and forth to prison, and do not redeem themselves at the end of the book would be accepted by readers, I knew they would. No, scratch that. I knew I could make you understand that everyone deserves love. It wasn't easy for readers. It wasn't easy for me to watch you all struggle through the course of the series. Okay, it was easy and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you go through the emotions that confused you. But, I knew there would come a time when you understood. Some of you accepted the world I created with Cam's books. Others finally opened their minds in Merk's book or felt the empathy in Jacko's book. Jeremy's book put you right back into the rollercoaster ride of not knowing how you felt. But at the end of the book, questions you had throughout were answered and now they're soaking it all in, and the response from readers has been phenomenal.

The excitement over the news of the new series in the back of Chasing Down Changes is extremely high. I'm so glad, because you need to keep your mind open. Moroad only prepared you for what is coming. - NO SPOILERS, PLEASE

On to the lighter stuff, but no less important. I want to thank each one of you who left reviews. I appreciate it so much! I've read each one and I have a perma-smile on my face.

Okay, so it's Wednesday. I need to go grocery shopping. While I'm out and about, how about if you see a promo ad for Chasing Down Changes or someone shares a picture of my book in your group, you give it a big ol' LIKE. Let's show the reading community how many awesome readers I have!

Love, Deb

Jan 25, 2016

It's live!

The final book in the Bestselling Moroad Motorcycle Club series is live!

Barnes and Noble:

I'll post buy links to the other retailers as they go live today.

He is his father’s son.

After fifteen years in the Idaho State Penitentiary, Jeremy Aldridge walks out of prison with the knowledge and skills that made his dad a legend in the gang wars within the system and the driving force behind Moroad Motorcycle Club. Outside of the Cyclone fence, Jeremy reaches for the familiar…Lola, the lifers, his Harley.

But, the one woman he owns and expected to find waiting for him has pulled away from Moroad. He discovers Tiff running the biggest illegal business Federal has ever seen, and her time is up. She belongs to him, and he’ll risk everything to keep her.

Stop loving him.

Tiff’s mantra since losing Jeremy falls to the wayside when he walks into Silver Girls and claims she still belongs to him. At one time, Jeremy was her whole world despite her tendencies to test him at every turn with petty fights, temper tantrums, and jealousy.

The man who returned from prison no longer plays games. Bigger, stronger, smarter, scarier, Jeremy’s presence threatens her business, resurrects old insecurities, and has the ability to destroy her.