Jul 24, 2014

Bikers, prostitutes, gunfire, and food. Oh, my!

Grab a cup of coffee. This will be long...

If any of you read the acknowledgements in Fighting To Ride, you'll know that there was a prostitute by the name of Molly B'Damn from my area that is known as a local hero. She also took a monthly bath and let the miners cover her in gold (Ah ha...can you say Risa?). While the gold rush days are over, and it's all about the silver here (the world's biggest supply of silver mining is right here in town), the celebrations for Molly B'Damn still happen. In a couple of weeks, the next town over from us will have their Molly Days. It's only a few miles away, and I'll be going.

Women dress up like Molly and walk the streets earning money by being outlandish and flirty, soliciting donations from the men...for promises. All money goes to help the town park, streetlights, and the fire department...and to fill chuckholes. While the women are busy, the men are firing their guns up in the air to "scare" men into spilling their beer. Bikers rally around the area to help raise money, and children run the streets amongst the good times, gunshots, Molly lookalike contests, and food.

I can't make this stuff up, you guys. http://missoulanews.bigskypress.com/missoula/soliciting-fun/Content?oid=1134288

To this day, if you go to Molly's grave at the local cemetery, you'll find money shoved into the cracks of the tombstone where men are still paying their respects to our famous local prostitute.

So, I have to ask you. If you were me, you'd go to Molly B'Damn Days, right?

Jul 22, 2014

Tuesday Catchup

Where do I start? Crazy week! Wheels got his stitches out in his finger and then later that day his finger popped open where there were no stitches. He superglued it shut. There will be 2-3 weeks more of his finger fluffing off and regrowing...like a lizard's tail, I guess. The saying that you can't keep a good man down is true even for the bad boys!

We made a 2nd trip up to the alpine lake. There are more flowers blooming, more huckleberries growing, and more mosquitoes out. Unfortunately, still no Bigfoot sighting.

These pictures don't do the wildflowers justice.

 This is a side by side UTV, one of the rigs we use to get to the alpine lake. That's why there's rarely anyone there when we get there, because you have to either hike in or use an ATV or UTV. There's still some snow under the trees where the sun doesn't shine.

Beautiful water, so clear and green! The color is from the cold (not algae).

Nothing tires you out at the end of the day more than exploring the Bitterroot Mountains. I was telling a friend yesterday that the day I can't climb high and low is going to mean I'm really old. Looking back at all the pictures of my life, most personal pictures are of me climbing trees, rock mounds, buildings, bridges, and hanging from odd places. I was always the kid who walked on the edge of the curb, instead of the sidewalk. I guess that continues into adulthood. My philosophy: Life is about enjoying every day things, including walking. Forge your own beaten path.

Also, laugh at yourself, a lot.

On the writing side of life: It's been 2 weeks since Struggling For Justice released, and I'm still receiving emails from readers who are asking when Remmy's book will release. While social media helps spread the news, it also misses a lot of people who have been waiting and waiting. Despite blog tours, shoutouts, and newsletter blasts, I'm finding myself repeating the news to the same people. Sorry! I'm clueless on how to get the information to the readers who want it the most, without begging you all to check in on my website or my Facebook page. Please? Pretty please?

That's it for now. I need to go back out and hunt down Bigfoot and squeeze in some writing. For all of you going to RWA, have fun! When I think about life, writing is still separate from "me", and actually a small part of regular life...even though I write full time and earn a living from it. So when I have a choice between attending a conference or riding the trail with my family, I pick trail ride. Family comes first. Always.



Jul 19, 2014

Game on! What happens when huckleberries and Bigfoot collide...

Huckleberry season has started. Let me tell you, everyone in my area takes these plump morsels very seriously. Picking areas are kept secret. Pails are guarded. The amount of your stash is never mentioned. Even the bears are put on notice.Things should get very interesting, because hundreds of ATV riders are invading the mountains this week (prime huckleberry territory) on their hunt for Bigfoot. I can't wait! As I type, Wheels is mounting the rifle rack to the side by side. Game on!
I promise, if I see Big Foot, I'll post a picture.

Jul 17, 2014

We went to the alpine lake and encountered a moose!

The snow finally cleared the trail, so we could take the side by side up to the alpine lake. We got up there at 6am (I know, we're weird, and we do things at odd times), but it was the perfect time. The sun wasn't too bright and the reflections on the lake were gorgeous! The fish were jumping too.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

When we were riding the trail out, we encountered a moose. This was the first moose I've seen since moving away from Alaska when I was a kid. I was pretty excited. The moose wasn't happy with us, and lowered his head when we shut off the side by side. We were about 50 feet from him when I took the pictures. I wish they were a little better, but the moose was in shade and sun, and my hands were shaking with excitement and my mouth wouldn't stop talking. So, shaky pictures!

Jul 16, 2014

My reply to a book pirate

Woke up to this email...

Hi Ms. Kayn,

Nobody has posted the book for me to read and I can't wait any longer. Can you give me a epub copy? I'll post it at XXXX  XXXX, so other people can read it too. I'm your biggest fan and want to help you. I love, love your Bantorus MC series. I can't wait to read it. If you can send me a pdf copy too it's easier to upload to the website.

Here's my reply...


Thanks for writing to me asking for a free copy of my book, so that you may share with thousands of other people who illegally download published books daily. It saddens me that you, and others like you, can't afford $3.99 for a few hours of entertainment. I'm sure you understand my distress, seeing as how your email address ended in .edu.

To know that there are educated people in the world that are seeking the knowledge of what they can only learn from my biker romance books is one of the greatest travesties of 2014.

Because you reached out to me in your time of need, and I'm a compassionate person who feels empathy for the education of the next generation, I'd like to do more than hand you a digital copy of my latest book. I'm offering you a personalized autographed paperback copy that I will donate to your college library in the hopes of changing the world, one book at a time. That way, you not only have helped me, you've helped thousands of other adults.

Please forward the mailing address for your college, the name you'd like used in the book, and any other recommendations you have to me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Debra Kayn