Jul 26, 2016

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Book bloggers - Here's the sign-up for the release blitz for ...or something by Debra Kayn. It's being hosted by Give Me Books Promotions and there's going to be lots of noise! Jump in on the fun and sign up. This is for August 16th and a boost on the 24th.

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Little tidbits as you read motorcycle club romance books...

Lines blur in fiction, which is what fiction is all about, right? But reality also comes into play writing fiction because there will be readers who live, work, and are experienced in what they are reading and it has to be an enjoyable story for them to appreciate. Ask any nurse how many times she cringes reading a medical romance book, and you'll probably find that she avoids reading them because it's irritating. Medical terms, procedures, ethics all come into play and are judged.

The same can go for motorcycle club romance books. A more unique theme to find in fiction books, but still there needs to be enough reality to make fiction believable.

One thing that stands out for me as I'm reading books in the MC category is the difference between riding clubs and motorcycle clubs and how every biker in fiction is portrayed as an "outlaw" or "1%er" and yet they ride for fun. Oh, boy, do they love riding and the girls love feeling the bike between their legs. (Do you see me cringing?)

Let me try to clarify the difference for you.

Riding clubs - People join riding clubs because they enjoy riding with others. Anyone can join by paying a fee. They plan trips and rides together, and often participate in fun runs for charity. They wear vests with fun patches and for a weekend, they are having a social high with their friends and sharing their love of motorcycles. They normally shed the vest and boots during the weekdays and work right beside you.

Motorcycle Clubs - Riding a motorcycle is not what MCs are about, though they all ride bikes. It's an organization for people looking for a lifelong bond/family that gives them a reputation and image they must uphold. There's a very in-depth process to becoming a member and not anyone can pay a dues and join. Think of the marriage bond without divorce as an option and that's what MCs ask of their members, and their members' family.

RCs - Ride for joy.
MCs - Ride with purpose.

I've mentioned the phrase "ride with purpose" in all my biker books and for most readers they never stop and think about why it's included. Now you know, and maybe it'll help you see that the bikers I write about don't just jump on a motorcycle and hit the road because they want to go for a ride or they pick up a pretty lady and take her for the ride of her life.

Another misrepresented term that makes me cringe is the use of the word "Nomad" in fiction books. The characters are normally portrayed as loners, outcasts, living a lonely life without a club. The opposite is true in real life. An MC nomad is highly respected, he's social, and he's trusted. He's the liaison between different clubs and the one who communicates and speaks for the clubs. He gets to travel between territories, hence the name nomad and his nomad patch.

What kind of bikers do I write about?

Bantorus MC series - Territorial MC
Moroad MC series - Freedom MC, which falls under the umbrella of a 1% club, simply because they don't want to be classified at all in the MC world.

That brings me to my new book that releases on 8/16. What is Ronacks Motorcycle Club? They are a territorial MC.

Last thing for today...

MC names - In real life they're copyrighted and very important to the clubs. Any play on their names for fiction is disrespectful. Using Satan, devils, angels, reapers, skulls, sinners, saints, cross, Buffalos, and the list goes on is profiling stereotypes and propaganda, which real life bikers already struggle with and don't need.

So, if you're wondering why my fictional MCs have different sounding/looking names is because I made them up. They're not even real words. They are my creation and do not depict real life MCs in name, behavior, or reputation.

That's it! Stick around, because I have some news to share later today or tomorrow morning. Things are rolling right along for the release of ...or something. I'm excited, and hope you are too.

Jul 25, 2016

More info on ...or something. :)

Are you ready?

When: 8/16/16
Days: 22
HEA: Yes
Setting: Montana
Age difference: Yes
Adults: Yes
MC: Ronacks Motorcycle Club
Level of suspense: High
Level of thinking required (scale 1-10): 10+

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31196570-or-something

Jul 23, 2016

Never been done before!

So, I had a crazy idea when I was thinking of a title for '...or something'. That being picking the title ...or something. After talking the title over with several people in the know and talking to my girls over at RD, I found out that putting an ellipsis in front of a title at retailers hasn't been done before. Does this surprise anyone that I want to do something that hasn't been done?

Go ahead, run over to Amazon and in the search box type ...

NOTHING came up, huh?

Then, good things happened. I found out I can do it. I found out that an ellipsis will not screw up the search function. Readers can add ... in front of any title and still find the right book. They can leave off the ... and the book will still come up.

That's the first of many things about this book that hasn't been done. You'll have to read it to see the rest. August 16th, peeps.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31196570-or-something

Jul 22, 2016

Coming soon...

Releases August 16, 2016

Add to your Goodreads list: 

He took her away from the carnival.

She was sixteen years old.

Thrust into an unfamiliar way of life with the president of the Ronacks Motorcycle Club; Bree Walsh manifests an unusual connection to the older, sexy, powerful biker until every neglected emotion from her childhood resurfaces. Intense, all-consuming, and unfathomable, Bree pushes the boundaries with Battery only to find herself caught in the most painful and raw existence she's ever known.

One moment in time changed Battery's life and set him on a masterminded course that would come full circle before he was ready. The president of Ronacks MC has shaped his life around his club, his family, and Bree. But when everything he's worked hard to achieve starts crumbling and the dangers become real, he refuses to lose and desperately risks everything, including his obsessive heartache named Bree.