Killere Motorcycle Club series

An emotional connection with a young girl changes Onyx's life.

Soon after his chance encounter with the little girl on the swing, Onyx's father is murdered. He steps into the role of president of Killere Motorcycle Club, leading his MC brothers forward. Until he's ambushed by the Feds and doing eighteen months in prison.

When he returns to Killere, a hardened biker with a rap sheet, Onyx focuses on revenge. Between protecting his club, running the truck stop, and the arrival of a teenage runaway holding his ring and claiming to be Mad Jack's daughter, he struggles to keep his promise to her.

He's not the same man he was before. Willow is half child and half inexperienced woman. But the trust in Willow's eyes keeps him close. Too close.

It's hard enough to keep his personal life away from Willow's curious eyes and club business from reaching her ears. But, as she showers her undeveloped feelings on him, he learns having her around fills a void in him that he always thought would remain empty.

He needs her as much as she needs him.
But will he claim his enemy's daughter?

Escaping an abusive home, Willow takes the only thing that matters to her—the ring Onyx gave her when she was eight years old. Lying about her age, she arrives at Killere Truck Stop, ready to throw herself at the mercy of the motorcycle club if she can stay near Onyx.

Her love for him gives her the strength to overcome neglect, lies and the most painful heartache of her life.

With him, she discovers true love and family.

Timber Mitchell hitchhikes away from her lonely life and finds herself dumped at the last place she wants to be—her dad's motorcycle club. Asking Killere MC for a favor rubs her the wrong way, considering they're the reason her dad is in and out of her life so much. But she needs a job and a place to sleep.

She has no idea why the older biker with the dimples volunteers to let her rent his bedroom. He's cranky and pushy. But a bed is a bed. All she needs to do is work hard until she can hit the road before her dad shows up and raises hell.

Once a part of his family, there's no leaving.

Killere Motorcycle Club member Jed "Romeo" Muel has fought, killed, and scraped his whole life to keep his five brothers alive and out of jail. He's done raising others. All he wants is to settle down with his club and enjoy middle age. The last thing he needs is a young, pretty girl underfoot.

But when Prez auctions Dice's daughter off like a fresh piece of meat at the clubhouse, Romeo steps up to keep his patch-wearing brothers from touching her.

Timber isn't broken. She's young and needs someone to build her up. Romeo's the perfect man to show her everything she can get out of life. Until he crumbles and falls in love with her.

Timber is everything he wants. And the last woman he needs.

A damaged man. A child-bride.

Eight years ago, Derek "Bull" Crue had a choice—marry fifteen-year-old Lila or go to prison for having sex with a minor. He did what any man would do in his position. He signed the marriage certificate, left her on the courthouse steps, and rode away on his motorcycle with the promise to return when she grew up.

But life has a way of slapping good intentions out of him.

He went to prison, changed his name, and joined Killere Motorcycle Club. Now, as vice president, he wants his wife at his side. But will he be able to hide how much his past has damaged him while keeping her safe?

Poverty, charity, and forgiveness have only gotten Lila so far in life. She wants more, and she's not afraid to work hard.

So when the famous Chef Canaty awards her an opportunity to work with him at his Spokane restaurant, she jumps at the chance to escape her hometown and the reputation tied around her neck.

A new location. A new job. Lila can finally forget about her past.

Until a familiar but bigger and sexier man walks into the restaurant wearing a leather vest and covered in tattoos, demanding his rights as her husband.


Her story isn't sad. It's raw and blunt.
It's her life, and she's living it.

Aged out of foster care, Tee Smith works hard to keep a steady job and a roof over her head. She wants to prove to herself that she is good enough—despite the allergies that trouble her.

But when the tattoo artist gets killed at work, it starts a chain reaction of danger that surrounds Tee. The older biker who witnesses the murder offers Tee protection. While Shrader makes her feel safe, he rouses a storm within her that she hasn't faced in her twenty years of hardships.

As with life, she holds on and powers through the conflicting emotions that leave her wishing and wanting more.

As a member of Killere Motorcycle Club, Shrader can spot danger a mile away. That's why he takes Rager's niece and her best friend home with him—to keep them safe.

Tee isn't like other women. The chemistry between them has him walking a fine line. But there's no stopping him from taking what he wants—even if he must break into her apartment to get to her.

Staying in the shadows is easy. Facing the truth is hard.