A Heartbreaking-Fall-in-Love-Want-to-Die-Saga


She's all about family.

Frankie's a young grandma to the smartest grandson, a proud mom to a traveling nurse, and a judgmental mother-in-law to an immature son-in-law. She also co-owns Bookaday & Company with her life-long best friend, Harrie.

But her days and nights turn upside down when a Sam Elliot lookalike riding a Harley moves into the cul-de-sac after she receives a box of books containing two novels written by a dangerous criminal named Rollo Stanton—a biker who created Brikken Motorcycle Club.

A sucker for a good romance book, she and Harrie obsess over Rollo's love for his beloved Jacqueline and embark down a dark path, taking their book club with them, and end up in unexpected circumstances.

He's a loner with a rap sheet.

Shore was barely an adult when Chief Stanton brought him into Brikken Motorcycle Club. Now at fifty-five years old, he's got a penchant for riding, staying out of prison, and soft women.

Working security for Brikken puts him in the path of a sexy woman fond of dangly earrings and boots. When he moves into the same cul-de-sac as Frankie, he finds it hard to stay away from her.

She's everything he wants.
But he's no family man.