A Brikken Motorcycle Club Saga series

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A deadly mistake in an otherwise routine crime for Brikken Motorcycle Club puts an eight-year-old girl in front of Chief.

Just why Chief steps up to become Johanna's guardian escapes his reasoning, nor has he wasted time trying to find an excuse beyond protecting a child's innocence from the club's criminal activities. He only knows that when he looks down into her sweet, innocent face full of curiosity instead of fear, she moves him. Her eyes are more expressive, her personality more addictive, than anything he's ever experienced.

Johanna fills a void inside of him in a way that being president of Brikken, the son of Rollo, the leader of hundreds of the roughest men, fails to satisfy.

And so, he plants Johanna in his life. He provides and gives, and makes her feel special. She isn't only his taste of freedom from the hard life he lives, but his spring, summer, fall, winter. She becomes his breath of fresh air in a world where betrayal, enemies, and a knife in the back can happen at any moment.

Through building Brikken Motorcycle Club and continuing his father's legacy, Chief deals with heartache, incarceration, secrets. Determined not to repeat his father's mistakes, he creates and manipulates the world around him, including those he permits into his life.

He does everything for Brikken.
For Rollo.
For his sons— Jett, Olin, and Thorn.
For Johanna, the child, the woman, who makes it all possible.

Johanna's earliest memories center around a big man who picks her up, changes her life, and the way his beard tickles her skin. At a young age, she learned there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love forever and those who love—or maybe can't love—and leave. Her mom left her with strangers. Nene sent her away. Karla would eventually push her away. But, from the moment Chief walks into Johanna's life, he promises to stay. No one has given her the comfort, security, and pleasure that she fearfully needs, until Chief.

Through the tribulations of her childhood, the awakening of her womanhood, and a new world filled with bikers, she learns to survive on promises, trust, and the love of one man, through the biggest struggles of her life.

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Conned. Betrayed. Damaged.

Jett's plan to clear his head with a midnight ride turns into a mission to chase a female con artist away from the Brikken Motorcycle Club and ends with murder.

To protect his freedom, Jett's only option is to bring Sydney back to the clubhouse and make sure she doesn't squeal. It isn't until Jett orders Sydney to wipe the make-up off her face and stop the act that he learns he put an innocent sixteen-year-old in his bed.

Loyalty within the club is necessary for Brikken's survival. Any woman in Jett's life will need to be untouched by betrayal and open to trusting him. He glimpses that faithfulness in Sydney when she reaches her breaking point and despite all the danger and her age, leans toward him.

Raised with Rollo's values, Chief's examples, and surrounded by the club, Jett's life-long commitment to someday step into his father's position within Brikken is put in jeopardy as he hits rock bottom while sitting in prison for the second time in his life. His path of punishment hardens his heart. But, it's his weakness for Sydney that he wears like a patch on his vest that could destroy his future.

Sydney Hawkins never depends on anyone. Her mom, her dad, her grandma were only temporary caregivers in her young life. Shuttled from one foster family to another taught Sydney every personality, every con, every manipulation, she uses to survive.

And, she uses each skill to hide her secret.

Until she meets Jett.

He's the only man who has stepped into the role of taking care of her—not as a social worker, not as a guardian, and definitely not as a foster father. He's also the one person she can't manipulate. Jett's dominating personality makes it hard to keep the secret in her life hidden. And, as the pieces she desperately clings to start to fall, she finds herself at a dead end, locked up, where the only thing she can rely on is her heart.

Through the hardships of her childhood to paying the price for her choices, she stumbles into adulthood depending on the most unlikely man who'll change the course of her life.

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Fire and gas only need one spark.

At forty-five years old, Olin wants more than the mind-blowing addiction of his on-again-off-again relationship with Ashley. He's not satisfied only getting his sweet reward whenever Ashley calls the shots.

He's putting his foot down.

It's time.

Like Rollo, Chief, and Jett, it's time for Olin to strengthen Brikken Motorcycle Club and settle down. He wants Ashley in his house, having his babies, and letting him take care of her. She's the one for him, and he's ready to dedicate the rest of his life to her.

As a child of divorce, Ashley lacks faith in men to stick around and be faithful when the road gets rocky. Though her love for Olin has remained steady since her teenage years, their relationship has more than the average ups and downs.

But, Olin has proven himself time and again, and she isn't getting any younger. Pushing all the what-ifs and fears to the side, she fully commits to him and their dream for the future.

Except, nothing is ever easy when she's with Olin. Before she can accept the changes and hope for their life together, her nightmare starts in a flash of blue and red lights.

What she soon faces is something no woman should ever have to experience. She sacrifices mind, heart, and soul for someone more important than her. Through the devastating pain, she must find the strength to resurrect herself and hope the man she's always wanted will still love her.

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The cries outside the clubhouse haunt Thorn until he believes he's paranoid. And, he can't ignore the pain-filled screams that only he can hear.

At forty-eight years old, Thorn Stanton takes on the responsibility of delivering the chopped motorcycles to Brikken Motorcycle Club's partner three states away. As the only single member in his family, the criminal activities fall on him if the Feds swoop down.

Until he discovers a little girl — who needs him more than Brikken.

As the guilt of Thorn's past shapes his future, he knows there's only one choice. Following Rollo's legacy, he's undaunted. He'll do anything to keep those he loves safe.

Being a single mother and only twenty-one years old doesn't stop Jessy Reed from making sure her five-year-old daughter has everything she needs to grow up knowing she is loved. The only time she has to recoup her energy and breathe is when Nikki's father has her for the weekend. But, a phone call in the middle of the night from an older biker changes her life and destroys the confidence she has in herself.

The last person in the world she thought she'd lean on pushes his way into her life. Thorn's bond with her daughter makes it impossible not to accept his help.

But, Thorn goes too far before she can stop him. With her hands tied and no one to confide in, she can only wait. Each day gets harder and more painful.

She owes him too much.