Escape to the Bitterroot Mountains series

Readers of Debra Kayn's much-loved biker book series will be familiar with the setting in the Escape to the Bitterroot Mountains series. She takes you into the lawless mountain life where rugged men with a past leave you gripping your chair and holding your breath as she emotionally and physically strips down the most unlikely characters.

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Anders Stone trusts no one, except the other four who escaped with him to the Bitterroot Mountains to hide from their past. Cocooned at Stone Lair and in the wilderness around him, he can keep his crimes hidden as long as he never becomes involved with anyone else.

Then, he hears Iliana sing, and he jeopardizes everyone's freedom.

She's an addiction he can't quit, even when the danger surrounding him grows closer.

The moment Iliana finishes her last song for the night and accepts the invite to meet the owner of Stone Lair, she knew there was something special between them. His age gives her security. His rugged, sexy looks turn her on. His reign over what he's built for himself on the mountain amazes her.

He's everything she's ever wanted, but it's not enough.

He's a loner, and she wants every little piece of him.

Quint Mathews lives each day looking for an opportunity to bury his past. But after a harsh winter, a personal loss, and his enemies breathing down his back in the Bitterroot Mountains, he only wants to get through the upcoming camping season alive. 

Then, she walks into Bitterroot Campground barefooted and wearing men's clothes. It isn't how sexy she looks that irritates him. The woman has no business pulling a travel trailer or thinking she can survive on her own. 

Life is full of regrets for Katelynn Pierce, but none are bigger for her than meeting a man over the internet in the hope of falling in love and getting stuck in the Bitterroot Mountains far away from home. One stupid decision leaves her broke and desperate. The only choice she has is to accept help from an older man who resembles a stereotypical mountain man, heavy on listening and light on talking. 

Thrust into a web of nightmares bigger than her own, her troubles have only begun.

When a woman walks into Discover the Bitterroot to rent an ATV and asks for directions to Bear Peak, Mark DeLane knows she's there to kill him.

Carly Jones has spent eight years waiting for the perfect time to travel to the Bitterroot Mountains and confirm the lives of men she's only read about. Despite her plan not to interrupt any of their lives, she's drawn to Mark and uses her attraction to him as an excuse to get to know him better. But when she finds him living in an underground bunker, tapped out with security so he can close his eyes each night, his lonely existence breaks her heart.

As Carly makes her rounds staying at Anders' Lair and the Bitterroot Campground, Mark is positive she works for his enemy, Michael Jaster—the man responsible for kidnapping him at fifteen years old, forcing him to participate in dogfights, and trying to kill him ever since he and the others escaped.

Mark has everything, but peace.
A peace only Carly can bring him.