Red Light: Silver Girls series


She can hear, but can't talk.

The moment a customer steps into the Blue Room at Red Light, sex is the only thing on Madison's mind. Men prefer a meek, obedient, silent woman to entertain them for money. Her muteness makes her the most popular prostitute at the illegal bordello in Federal, Idaho. But at the end of her work day, Madison's curiosity to know more about the man who spends his time keeping her company in the darkness outside the Blue Room consumes her until desire overcomes necessity.

At the right place. At the right time.

Bear has nothing to offer any woman. A felon and a member of Moroad Motorcycle Club, he takes what is at his disposal—women, cash, parties—and never thinks about tomorrow. Until he witnesses Madison's smile and suddenly tomorrow matters. Determined to show Madison what she does for a living doesn't define her, he refuses to walk away.


She'll never go back.

Street smart, creative, and ambitious, Nova Kinsley arrives at the illegal bordello in Federal, Idaho to work as a prostitute for the next three months. The timing and location couldn't be more perfect. She finally gets to reconnect with her only remaining relatives…her cousins. Her plan to keep her private life separated from her professional life crumbles when her cousins' neighbor refuses to take no for an answer, and she runs out of lies.

He's settled and ready.

Emmett Parker enjoys working at his auto parts store, coming home to his single-wide trailer, and the tight-knit community at Bitterroot Trailer Park. He has friends, pays his bills on time, and most weeks he has money left over for beer. Life couldn’t get better. Until a high-class woman hiding her down-home roots keeps showing up next door, and he finds himself wanting the upheaval that comes with her.

Abused by her stepfather, homeless, and kept by the leader of the Yesler Street Gang, Roni Glenn seeks sanctuary at Red Light, the illegal bordello, where she'll get paid for doing what other men always took for free. Her safety in Federal, Idaho only lasts three days when a customer arrives for his appointment, and she recognizes the Sparrows tattoo on his hand.

Dawson promises Roni no harm, but she's heard those lies before and refuses to listen. Until, he shares a news article that gives her hope of starting life over, free from the past and safe.

Dawson Carver spent four years in prison for running a chop shop only to come home and find Jacqueline, his sister, forced into working in the sex industry by the person he trusted to care for her in his absence. His plan to save Jacqueline comes too late, and she's murdered. He has nothing to live for, except the promise he made his sister the last time he spoke with her.

He must find Roni and help her escape the Yesler Street Gang. But keeping his word comes with a price, and he finds himself submerged in healing Roni and holding a secret that would destroy her.