The Sandbar saga

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Dr. Race Conner is a well-respected psychologist in Astoria, Oregon, who has put his wild days behind him. Dedicated to leaving the limitations of the clinic to open his own private practice, he's willing to take on cases that will propel him forward in his career. Abiding a strict code of ethics, Race guides others to a healthier, happier life.

Until he meets Katie.

As her psychologist, there are lines he can't cross. He crosses them all.

At twelve years old, Katie Meihoff has lived through the death of a parent, emotional abuse, and neglect. The only constant presence in her life is Dr. Conner. Through adolescent adoration, teenage curiosity, and adult fantasies, she becomes more and more dependent on the man who promises never to leave her.

A passionate, captivating saga of exploration, forbidden love, and healing as Race and Katie fight for the love they both desperately need.