Serpentine Motorcycle Club Saga


All Hank Sweeney has ever wanted to do is run far away from Glacier Crest Ranch. Run from the fists that beat him. Run from the demons that chase him.

Jade is the only reason he's alive and not in prison. The little girl, ten years younger than him, wiggles her way into his hardened heart and refuses to leave. She stops the bleeding, heals the bruises, and gives him the sweetness he craves.

Living through a life of abuse, crime, physical pain, and emotional wars doesn't compare to the devastation of finding out Jade will never belong to him. Out of frustration, he forms Serpentine Motorcycle Club, sends Jade off to college, and becomes a recluse on the ranch in a last-ditch effort to stay away from her.

During that time, he grows powerful enough to control the town of Whitefish, Montana.

He's untouchable to everyone but Jade.

Jade's life centers around Glacier Crest Ranch, spending time with her horse, attending school, and adoring Hank. When her mom dies, she moves into the big house with Hank and leans on the bikers and cowboys surrounding her. Life gets more complicated the older she gets, and the more Hank pushes her away. He's angry, but she hasn't done anything to him.

As their relationship becomes more volatile, she wonders if he, too, knows the blood ties between them.

Can she convince him that nobody else needs to know their secret?

Liluye Painted Wing, a young girl with an extraordinary gift for singing, is raised in a life of hardship on the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana. Her mother, an addict, cannot provide for her, so Liluye is protected by Etu, a man ten years older than her.

Etu Carrion watches over Liluye and provides for her, even after he moves off the reservation, joins Serpentine Motorcycle Club, and works toward his dream of raising bison.

Liluye has her own plans and eventually boards the bus bound for Nashville.

But an online threat against Liluye brings Etu back into her life.

Now known as Lily, a world-famous country singer, and Buffalo, a hardened member of Serpentine Motorcycle Club, they reunite and discover their bond is as strong as ever.

But can they survive the danger and find a way to be together again?

Under the sun. Under the moon. As the stars as his witness, Buffalo will prove Liluye has always belonged to him.

Sometimes, secrets are kept to protect the one you love.

Tana, a biker who rides for Serpentine Motorcycle Club and works at Glacier Crest Ranch, is locked in a passionate battle of wills with his fiery redheaded wife. Their love is a whirlwind of fierce fights and sizzling make-ups.

Just when they are on the verge of living under the same roof again, Tana is arrested and sent to prison. In his absence, Mia must navigate a year alone. A year that threatens to break her spirit.

In the darkest hour, Jack, a cowboy from Circle M, becomes an unlikely friend to Mia.

When Tana's sentence ends, he races back home, only to find another man lurking in the shadows of his life. As a proud Native American, he refuses to let anyone else lay claim to his woman.

He'll fight with the fury of a thunderstorm to win back the love that has always been his.