Havlin Motorcycle Club series


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June 7. The day everything changed.

One day a year, Daisy Hill purposely drinks until she can't remember her past. Then, she bounces back to her quiet existence, living on the coast of Seaglass Cove and managing the city pool.

This year, as she shakes off the effect of alcohol, she discovers her new neighbor has moved into the other side of the duplex. And he's a sexy beast—for a grumpy biker.

As the V.P. of Havlin Motorcycle Club, Bane only has a week to get the parts shop up and running, carve out a clubhouse, and settle into the duplex he rented.

But on his first night in a new town, he finds a woman on the other side of the duplex, sitting in the sand and sobbing. Despite having no time to help a woman in need, she won't let him go. The next day, the same woman stands before him at the shop, holding a plate of homemade cookies with no memory of the previous night.

He soon learns sexy Miss Sunshine comes with a dark past that's turned dangerous.

And in the face of danger, he finds himself unwilling to let her slip away.

August 20. The day his world crumbled.

Moving to Seaglass Cove with the new Chapter of Havlin Motorcycle Club after serving his sentence in the state prison, Maverick bought a house and executed the fail-proof way to get his eight-year-old daughter back into his life.

Damaged and unable to speak more than a few words at a time, Maverick's job with the club never requires him to talk—talking will get him killed.

With his kid back under his roof, all he must do is get rid of his daughter's aunt. It's a simple job. Get in, clean up, and never say a word.

Being twenty-five years old and raising her niece for the last four years on her own took every minute, every dollar, and every bit of strength Brooke Harrison possessed. So, when the job offer with a hotel on the coast is presented to her, she jumps at the chance to better their lives.

She never expected to arrive at the rental and have a biker hold her hostage and threaten her life. Day after day, throughout the summer, a fear she's never experienced before makes her highly attuned to the mysteries surrounding her kidnapper.

Skye blossoms under the attention of the silent biker. But her niece isn't the only one drawn to the man with few words, a dragon tattoo, and is three times her size.

Call it a coping mechanism or Stockholm Syndrome or insanity, she starts seeing Maverick for who he really is, and the truth scares her more than the kidnapping.

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May 11. The cursed day of pain.

A gunshot outside Cora Albright's Sprinter van catapults her into the protective custody of the Havlin Motorcycle Club and a sexy older biker on her first night in Seaglass Cove. When Wire invites Cora to move her van behind the clubhouse, where she'll be safe, she leans on him while she searches for her long-lost brother. A brother she's never met.

Wire, suspecting Cora might possess crucial information about the threats facing the club, keeps her within arm's reach, which is too close when Cora's a beautiful, young, curvy woman with enough confidence to get her into trouble.

He's lived a hard life—and he's a sucker for a woman's plump softness. To his surprise, Cora doesn't scare easily and comes to him with open arms.

Alone and grieving her parents, Cora finds comfort and security with Wire, making it impossible to think of leaving him at the end of the tourist season. But she must find her missing brother.

Wire won't let her go—not even when the biggest threat to Cora's happiness is heading her way.

April 5. The day is burned into her skin like a bad tattoo.

Jagger promised Ruger he'd protect his daughter while he was in prison, and a brother never breaks his word. But, over the years, he stepped over the line too many times. His relationship with Katrina grew from guardian to lover—something he pledged on the patch never to do.

She's his heart.

When Katrina shows up in Seaglass Cove and struts into the clubhouse with fire in her veins, he can't walk away. Ruger might as well put a bullet in his back because there's no way he can stay away from her.

Raised within the Havlin Motorcycle Club and under Mama Sue's guidance, Katrina knows what it takes to be the president's woman. It's all she's ever wanted. It's not fair that her dad put a stop to her relationship. She's an adult.

Jagger has belonged to her since she was four years old.

So, when she learns about her newly discovered aunt residing in Seaglass Cove, she seizes the opportunity to visit Jagger and break all the rules.

Her decision could end Jagger's life.