Slag Motorcycle Club series

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He's an aggressive Norwegian biker

As President of Slag Motorcycle Club, Portland Chapter, Roar Akram is proud of the club's Nordic heritage and criminal ways. He opens The Firepit as a cover for club business. But the server he hires at the bar becomes his biggest distraction. Lizzy with her sweet smile tempts him in every way.

In his life, he takes what he wants. Whether it belongs to him or not. And, he wants Lizzy.

She's a passive independent waitress.

One day, Lizzy Wheaton has a job and the next, she's hired as a server at The Firepit. With a high medical debt hanging over her head, she gladly goes to work at the bar for a man who scares her to death. The closer she gets to Roar, the more she notices the trouble that's hitting the club. But time with Roar has a funny way of changing her—making the forever kind of love possible.

They live in a hostile world.

With the sole purpose of gaining the Fed's attention for their illegal activities, Slag Motorcycle Club will become the biggest threat to every motorcycle club from Montana to California.

Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

He's a protective Norwegian biker.
She's a gorgeous, gum-snapping, mysterious woman.
The lines blur in a perfectly captive love.

As Vice President of Slag Motorcycle Club, Brage Olden spends his time organizing, overseeing, and protecting three-hundred aggressive Norwegian bikers. With the club on high alert, he notices a new woman hanging around the clubhouse. Nothing grabs Brage's attention more than a challenging woman with an attitude. She's playing a dangerous game, and he's looking to relieve some stress.

But, something feels off. His first clue hits hard when Moroad MC shows up on Slag property asking for Dinah and ends with exchanging gunfire.

Dinah Reed takes an opportunity to enjoy a one-night stand to relax from spying on Slag Motorcycle Club. As all hell breaks loose, Brage kidnaps her. Everything she knew about herself turns out to be a lie —her age, her family, even her name.

Submerged within Slag MC, she starts to see the club members for who they truly are and questions everything she believes of her past. As her life spirals out of control, she holds on to the one man who remains rock steady.

With the sole purpose of gaining the Fed's attention for their illegal activities, Slag will become the biggest threat to every motorcycle club from Montana to California.

With a past full of sadness, Elling Halvorsen holds onto his Norwegian heritage with a fierceness nobody can steal.

At any sign of a threat toward Slag Motorcycle Club, Elling is the first to protect the club. He never expected his job tailing the Federal agent to lead him straight to the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. The tattoo on her body, marking her as belonging to Brikken Motorcycle Club, warns him to stay away but fails to stop his attraction. As he falls hard for Jacqueline, he's afraid his past will repeat, and he'll lose another person he loves.

Jackie Stanton is the daughter of Slag's enemy.

From the moment she steps out of the hotel and helps the sexy biker with his motorcycle problem, Jackie's confident she can handle the situation. Chief's lessons over the years have prepared her for every possible outcome if confronted by another club.

But nothing can protect her from heartbreak.

Not her father. Not Rollo's blood in her veins. Not her older brothers.

Motorcycle club's fighting.
Family loyalty.

For Elling and Jackie, it's a war of forbidden love.

Peer Nyland never planned to be a single father.

As Treasurer of Slag Motorcycle Club, Peer's Nordic heritage demands he put family, loyalty, and trust first in his life. The only reason he's surviving at parenting is because of Coco. The rest of the time, he has no idea what the hell he's doing.

Collette Lewis fell in love with an infant. Then, she fell in love with the baby's pappa.

Coco's biological clock is ticking—loud and clear. Being around Peer twenty-four/seven is making her crazy. She's never wanted a man as much as she does the Norwegian biker. But when it comes to Peer seeing her as a woman, an available one, he's blind.

An unwanted woman shows up from Peer's past.
Threats are made.
Peer wants to run away to Norway. Coco wants to run away from love.

In the end, the little boy who needs both of them in his life has the most to lose.