Even Better in Real Life


Maggie Sawyer works the night shift at Country Mart in Federal, Idaho — where she was born and raised. Now living in a single-wide trailer after divorcing her cheating husband, she drives a beater with a heater and marches through life on her own. All her joy comes from her romance books and online reader friends.

At the moment, her favorite book boyfriends belong to motorcycle clubs. But, the fictional bikers with their one-true-love alpha hotness are not like the rough-scary-mean bikers who inhabit Federal.

When one of those outlaw bikers decides he wants her, she experiences some overwhelming déjà vu moments straight out of a romance book.

While waiting to meet his contact and receive the shipment of illegal guns, Lash entertains himself by watching the curves of the sexy cashier at the store walk to her car each night. With her nose constantly stuck in a book or on her phone, she never sees him watching her.

Living a lifestyle where tomorrow isn't promised, and the Feds are always hot on his tail, Lash can't fight his need to have Maggie.

Making her his woman is worth dancing with the devil.