March 22, 2018

I'm receiving mass emails asking when JETT will be released. I'll be making a public announcement in less than two weeks with all the details. It will not be a long wait for the release.

For those who are new to my books and happened to buy Chief, you can rest easy that all books in A Brikken Motorcycle Club series are finished. I'm actually writing books that will be released in 2019.

Curious about CHIEF? There's a giveaway on Goodreads. Twenty (20) digital books will be given away. This is open to U.S. residents only. Their rules, not mine.

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March 3, 2018

Chief has been out in the wild for 2 days, and I have a confession...

Some of you might remember back in January when I tried to prep readers...okay, warn readers, that my next release would be different than my usual because I was mixing two genres. Romance and Family Saga. For those who missed the news, here's the post on my website.

I actually walked away after posting that info thinking such a small % of my readers are going to know ahead of time and I was left wondering how unsuspecting readers would react when the book released. Maybe readers who did get the warning didn't understand what I was trying to convey. Maybe I should've talked more. Maybe I should've sent a newsletter out. Maybe I was overthinking the difference, because there is romance. The whole thing is romance. But, it's more. Maybe readers don't care and it's more an author thing never to cross genres or try to create a niche from two popular genres.

While my mind was bouncing around like a ping pong ball in the blender about what to do, I focused on promoting the book and I acted like it was going to be a normal release.

Then, it happened.

The very first message I received after the release, the reader grew concerned after reading the 1st chapter and asked if I was going to time jump until the heroine was an adult. I could almost feel the reader shutting off her Kindle. With brave fingers I said there's no time jumping and to keep reading.

Now, I knew a lot of romance readers hated time jumps or years where the characters are apart on the pages. So do I. I get it. But, it was because of the storyline that I mixed two genres. I couldn't leave readers out of the romance, and that romance started when the heroine was 8 years old. Readers had to see Johanna as a child. They had to be there when she grew up. Readers needed the saga part. If I hadn't mixed two genres, and only given you a romance novel, there was no way readers would've finished the book. Chief is not a book that can be read on blind faith in the author. Period.

So, here I am 2 days out from release. This message will only be read by a small % of my readers, again. But, for me, I've given one more warning. That makes me feel better because all the books in A Brikken Motorcycle Club Saga series going forward are family romance saga novels. And, just maybe, readers will know what to expect next time. Just maybe readers are excited to get the whole story from start to neverending.

March 1, 2018

I'm thrilled to announce my 50th novel is LIVE… 

A Brikken Motorcycle Club Saga 

A deadly mistake in an otherwise routine crime for Brikken Motorcycle Club puts an eight-year-old girl in front of Chief.

Just why Chief steps up to become Johanna's guardian escapes his reasoning, nor has he wasted time trying to find an excuse beyond protecting a child's innocence from the club's criminal activities. He only knows that when he looks down into her sweet, innocent face full of curiosity instead of fear, she moves him. Her eyes are more expressive, her personality more addictive, than anything he's ever experienced.

Johanna fills a void inside of him in a way that being president of Brikken, the son of Rollo, the leader of hundreds of the roughest men, fails to satisfy.

And so, he plants Johanna in his life. He provides and gives, and makes her feel special. She isn't only his taste of freedom from the hard life he lives, but his spring, summer, fall, winter. She becomes his breath of fresh air in a world where betrayal, enemies, and a knife in the back can happen at any moment.

Through building Brikken Motorcycle Club and continuing his father's legacy, Chief deals with heartache, incarceration, secrets. Determined not to repeat his father's mistakes, he creates and manipulates the world around him, including those he permits into his life.

He does everything for Brikken.
For Rollo.
For his sons— Jett, Olin, and Thorn.
For Johanna, the child, the woman, who makes it all possible.

Johanna's earliest memories center around a big man who picks her up, changes her life, and the way his beard tickles her skin. At a young age, she learned there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love forever and those who love—or maybe can't love—and leave. Her mom left her with strangers. Nene sent her away. Karla would eventually push her away. But, from the moment Chief walks into Johanna's life, he promises to stay. No one has given her the comfort, security, and pleasure that she fearfully needs, until Chief.

Through the tribulations of her childhood, the awakening of her womanhood, and a new world filled with bikers, she learns to survive on promises, trust, and the love of one man, through the biggest struggles of her life. 

February 27, 2018

LAST promo before Chief releases on Thursday (3/1). 

Will you guys do me a favor? When/if you guys buy Chief, will you promise to take a big breath before you start reading?