December 5, 2017

Behind every book, there is a goal to entertain readers. In my case, because I write romance, the real purpose of why I created the story is often camouflaged behind a love story.

Because of the importance of my purpose in my latest series, I've shared the information in the acknowledgment section of each Notus Motorcycle Club series book. You can read it below in the picture. It's heavy in facts and one that we, as a society, have numbed ourselves about.

Now, don't get me wrong. It's okay to read romance books for the journey the characters take to finding love and getting a happily ever after. Everyone does. I do, too. It's why we love romance books, right?

The response I've received from readers who have reached out and shared their personal stories with me after reading the Notus MC series is one that leaves me, at times, speechless and heartbroken. I've touched on this in the dedication in Hard Mistake, which I've posted below. While the majority of us can view a missing person case or a murder from afar, disconnected from it being our reality, there are family members and spouses that are living a nightmare. They have someone they love who is missing or are struggling to find the reason for why a loved one has been murdered.

This holiday season while we're busy with our lives, shopping, and running around doing errands, I ask that if you see a news story of a missing person in your local area, take a good, long look at the picture and be a little more aware of the people around you as you're out and about. It only takes one person to find a missing loved one.

Thank you

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November 1, 2017

Hard Mistake is LIVE!

A sexy, gripping romantic suspense…
Threatened not to go to the police or risk endangering her missing sister, Erikka Levenson, owner of St. John's Bail Bonds, contacts a biker club to go after the criminal who abducted Rachel. Wanting to be involved in every step of the search, she naturally leans on Chuck when he offers her support and protection. His endearments, touches, and kisses shake the foundation of her overwhelming life. Until, she notices Chuck treats Gracie, a single woman associated with the club, the same special way.

Caught between a high roller harassing her to get to the criminal who kidnapped Rachel, and Chuck and Gracie's longstanding relationship, Erikka willingly hands over her business and her heart.

Notus Motorcycle Club member, Chuck Parker answers a call for a private hire and finds himself looking into the end of a pistol held by a sexy woman named Erikka. With a soft spot for women in trouble, he focuses more on Erikka as the search for her sister meets one dead-end after another. As old scars bleed and time runs out, Chuck knows one thing for certain: He's lost too many people in his life, he's not going to lose her, too.

*Standalone series – Each book can be read separately

October 26, 2017

Grab a coffee or kick your boots up. I'm going to throw a lot of information at you.

I'm getting lots and lots of messages asking me when the next Notus book will be released. Soon. November. I'm not giving out a specific date, because I'm saving all my promotions for when it's available. That's a new tactic I'm trying with this series, and it really worked great.

But, I'm going to give you some info. It's time.

Now, if you all can remember I said there would be 5 books in the Notus MC series. Since Chuck's book is the next one to release that leaves one more book in the series that will come out at the beginning of 2018. If you haven't noticed, I always release either the first book of a new series or the most sought-after book at the beginning of the year. It's been that way…forever. So, here's information ahead of time. Rich's book, the 5th and final book of Notus MC series, gets the spotlight.

I feel like there should be some neon lights flashing, but let's move on to more info.

A few weeks ago, I asked readers on my Facebook page what they think Rich's story is. Why has he been missing for over 25 years? I'll let you know that nobody guessed right. Zilch. Nada. Didn't even come close. Because nobody has any idea what I've done or where I've gone with Rich's story, I'm extremely excited. In fact, after Chuck's book releases next month and before Rich's book releases in 2018, I'm going to promote the last book ahead of time. There's several reasons for this…

1) Readers will already have seen how Rich's absence has affected Wayne, Glen, Thad, and Chuck.

2) These are all standalone books. Readers can pick up Rich's book without reading the first 4 books of the series. That means Rich's book does not cover the past. I NEVER repeat history in my books. The 5th Notus book will start with Rich as a 46-year-old man. Yes, he's alive. Oh, spoiler. If new readers become interested in my teasers, they will more than likely want to go buy the first 4 books and see what kind of devastation Rich's absence caused Notus Motorcycle Club members.

3) This is the biggy. For readers of the series, I want readers to judge Rich before you get his story. Love him, hate him, pity him…pick an emotion you think he deserves. Get a good grip on how you think you feel about him from what you know in the first 4 books (which isn't much!). I want you to think you know his story…much like we do in real life when we see a missing person case. Regardless if it's a child or an adult, man or woman, we judge what caused them to run away or go missing. It's human nature to think you know the reason by the information you hear. The Notus MC series should be no different. I want you to open Rich's book in 2018 and be solid with how you think you feel. Maybe you'll hate him for how much hurt he's caused Wayne. Maybe you'll feel sorry for him because he lost the girl he loved to murder. Maybe you'll be resentful because Rich wasn't there for Thad, who lost his sister and his MC brother at the same time. Maybe you pity him because Glen worries about Rich all hours of the night. Maybe you want to punch Rich because of the guilt that Chuck had to live with. Maybe you love Rich because Mrs. B. loves Rich as if he is her own son. 

Do all that because I can guarantee you'll do a 180-degree turn, flip, circle multiple times during Rich's story…and probably be ready to throw rocks at me. This is why I'll promote Rich's story ahead of time. I'm going to help you judge him before you meet him.

I need to stop talking. The next time you hear me utter news about Notus MC series or Chuck's book will be on release day. Get ready.

September 26, 2017

Never fear...this post has no spoilers for the Notus Motorcycle Club series. Readers can learn about Rich going into the books or read about him as part of the stories. It's not TOP SECRET because readers only know the info I've given them. For those who haven't read any of the books, let me catch you up...
There were 5 boys who became friends at 6 years old. Life, loyalty, and circumstances had those same 5 boys riding as Notus MC once they reached adulthood. 
Twenty-two years ago, Rich rode away from the club, the neighborhood, his family, after the girl he loved was kidnapped and murdered. That girl was Thad's sister.
Not a day has gone by that Notus Motorcycle Club hasn't searched for their missing brother.
Readers of Notus MC series - Where is Rich? Do you have an idea? Do you find yourself caring about the missing MC brother or do you find yourself ticked that he left? Do you think he'll return on his own or do you think Notus will find him and drag his ass back to the club?

Tell me how you feel. Go ahead and guess what happened to him, because only I know the TRUTH. For now.