Nov 17, 2014

Questions? Ask away!

If you're new to the series and have any questions before trying one of the Bantorus MC books, post away! I'd be more than happy to answer.

Nov 8, 2014

The last trip...

Two weeks ago, it snowed. Wheels and I rushed out and jumped in the side by side, because I thought we could ride up to the alpine lake up our road. My plan was to get pictures of the snow covered trees lining the lake. Unfortunately, the snow was too deep for the narrow trail we'd have to take. In some places there's a 1,000 foot drop off and the trail is only 5 feet wide.

Here's the forestry road we take, and as you can was covered with the first snow of the season.

The temperatures warmed up some, and yesterday, I thought for sure I could get up to the lake. So, one of the twins volunteered to go riding with me. I was shocked to see that there was no snow remaining. The cool part is we figured out how to take panorama pictures with my camera.

 Click on the pictures to make them ginormous!

Since the forecast is calling for snow tomorrow, I have a feeling that's the last time I'll make it up to the lake until mid-July when the snow melts. Yes, mid-July.

Luckily, we had fun out on our ride and snapped some pictures on the way back to the house.

Click on the pictures to make them ginormous!

Getting outside, enjoying the cool temperatures, and skipping over bear poop did wonders for my antsy-ness of being cooped in the house for the last few days working. I can't wait for the snow. Snow means more playtime outside having fun!